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    hey everyone. i'm new to the whole diaper thing, i've always been fascinated to try one on but have never gotten the chance until now. I'm in college and i have a single room and i thought maybe i could finally try this in private. What are some good brands? anyone have any tips?

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    You aren't likely to get any really good brands without doing mail order. On that scale, the best in the US are generally considered to be (alphabetical order) Abena M4, Bambinos, Dry 24/7, or Molicare Super. I can't tell you which you'd prefer as it's personal, but those are all very good diapers if you're looking for something with tapes and a plastic outer shell. You might wind up preferring the pull-up variety or ones with clothlike covers, or even coth diapers and plastic pants. It gets complicated and there's really no substitute for trying things out.

    Of those I mentioned, you might have some luck finding Molicare at a store that was serious about incontinence needs but mostly you will find Depends, which most people don't care for and store brands, which tend to be worse. I happen to think Depends Fitted Maximum Protection are perfectly fine as a low capacity, inexpensive, widely available diaper but as I said opinions vary (a lot).
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    Depends are about the best that you can get without ordering from someplace specifically. You can find them in basically any supermarket or pharmacy. (If you're lucky, you can find a medical supply store that sells Attends and such higher grade products, but that's just what I've heard.) Depends Maximum are my diaper of choice (out of necessity), and they work fine enough, I suppose. They can't hold a lot and do leak if you sit on them while they're fairly soaked... but they're not too bulky, not too loud, and seem to work well enough. If you point up, that makes it puff out more in the front, but also increases its "lifespan" before leaking by quite a bit. They're also plastic-backed, which is a nice plus. (If you like that, that is.) They could, of course, be better, but I'll just second saying that they're "fine" for general use. They're definitely a solid enough place to start, anyway.

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    if you're small enough good nights or underjams are fun, they make me feel little but bambinos are AMAZING diapers and the one tape diapers from AVUniverse are really cute too, though many have bad feelings about ABU, but thats a whole 'nother thread.

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    Personally, I love Bambinos. I actually set some money aside just for my Bambinos orders when I'm running low on diapers. That's coming from someone who has been doing this awhile and doesn't have much of the "OMG someone might see me with diapers!" reaction left.

    The first thing you should ask yourself, is what is a diaper to me? What gives you that feeling? For me it is the plastic backed thick enough to soak up a swimming pool feeling. You might have grown up with cloth covered or your memories might lead you back to goodnites or pull-ups. Depends fitted usually work well as a first pack of diapers, but there is much better out there.

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    This question gets asked a lot, which is fine by me. The only thing the bums me out every time is how short the list is. There's what four solid brands, five if you throw in Tena? The lack of variety is a bit sad.

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