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Thread: Makeshift: diaper : your fave way?

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    Default Makeshift: diaper : your fave way?

    Okay I'm sure all of us have made a makeshift diaper in our life. How'd you make your first one. What's your best way now? Post responses below.

    My first way was a wad of paper towels in the front o my boxers. Can you guess what happened? It leaked. A lot!

    My new way is the way in the wiki forum. The disposable one. I'm not sure if it works though. I'm trying it tonight for my bedwetting. So if you've tried the wiki one tell me if it would hold all of my pee when I wet the bed. ( sorry bout the title. It is supposed to say fave way not face way. )

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    If you happen to own a pair of plastic pants (vinyl incontinence pants)...multiple pairs of briefs (like six or eight pair) with the plastic pants pulled over them works pretty well. For extra absorbancy, tuck a folded hand towell into the inner pair of briefs.

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    Okay I also made a makeshift bottle. What you do is you take a reg water bottle. Ten you poke a hole in the top. I use it all the time. It doesn't look like one butbit acts like one. Kinda like I don't look like a baby but I act like a baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan View Post
    If you happen to own a pair of plastic pants (vinyl incontinence pants)...multiple pairs of briefs (like six or eight pair) with the plastic pants pulled over them works pretty well. For extra absorbancy, tuck a folded hand towell into the inner pair of briefs.
    I do not own any plastic pants. But I heard A walmart bag works so I'll use that!

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    Okay I'm gonna try that wiki diaper and then post a post tommorow for a review on the diaper. Ioee a lot in my sleep so this better be good

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    Also if anyone tells me to man up and buy some. That's a work in progress. I think I am going on Friday or Saturday of this week tobget goodnites and a paci. So thank you very much

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    If you can respond that would be great thnx

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    This is an embarrassing one, but luvs2b is spot-on, so I'll indulge...

    I've tried laying down whole rolls of TP in underpants. More or less just a "play" thing - I didn't actually try.. uh... you know. :'o

    Also, large large amounts of paper towels inside an old plastic shower cap (you know those useless things you get in hotels...). Very thick though not as great feeling as I thought it would be, and it didn't actually feel anything like a diaper.

    I'm... um.. actually getting my first pack this of the real deal. Before, I was stuck layering down the crappy thin ones down you get at Walgreens by about 5x. >_>

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    If I have no diapers I stuff a hand towel and a couple washcloths I my underwears, put on sweat pants that don't seem to absorb pee that much and have at it. I'm wet right now. sometimes I make poopies in it too but only when I have time for cleanup and laundry. Makes me feel like the toddler who is sort of trained but really doesn't care yet.

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    You wet the bed! It's the perfect legitimate reason to buy the real thing - or even ask your parents for some!

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    I actually constructed a "disposable" diaper from scratch way back in my teens. I used several rubber bands for the leg gathers and waist. A garbage bag for the outer shell. And then Viva paper towels, which are softer and more cloth like than regular paper towels, for the padding. Oh I think I also used some cotton balls between the towels. Finally used a mixture of flexible fabric glue and tape to put the whole thing together. Worked pretty well but I couldn't even tell you how long it took to plan and execute.

    The things we do eh?

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    I tried using the flat underpads and some ducktape. It was pretty useless but it achieved the feel I was going for, LOL!

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    I've made HEAPS of makeshift diapers in my time!
    Multiple underpants are of course the most accessible option - I never used to wet so the only real hassle was folding them back up afterward :P When I realized how restrictive and uncomfortable this option was I experimented with undies under a plastic bag. I've never worn plastic pants before (I'm very keen to but have no way of getting them ) but I wanted to simulate a plastic covered baby diaper. I love this method, and I've tried putting things like toilet paper, paper towels, regular towels and t-shirts, folded and fitted, inside the undies. The best option in my opinion. In fact, everyone's out of the house today and I just snuggled into a pair of undies with a big fleece sweater folded inside! It's HUGE, and so soft. I'm about to head to the kitchen to see if we have any plastic bags
    I've only ever peed once in a makeshift; undies with old towels, on top of which I laid stacks of paper towels (as in the paper towels were what was touching my skin). It was AWESOME. Come to think of it, this was also the first (and so far only time) I messed in a diapers. Such a fantastic experience! Unfortunately the washing and drying of the towels has put me off this method as I'm a lazy bugger...

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