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Thread: A timid introduction

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    Default A timid introduction

    I'm from a hole-in-the-wall town in Midwestern VA, USA. I'm married (second time), one part-time kid (12, lives full time with his mother, the ex), and have a relatively quiet life.

    I'm an intense MMO freak - had to quit WoW permanently because I was playing upwards of 16 hours a day - so now I confine myself to games that do not even allow the option of such enormous time investments. But I've always been a vidiot, from the first time my grandparents bought us a Colecovision (some of you will remember that, most won't. )

    Outside of that, there are a lot of things I'd like to share here that I've basically kept to myself my whole life, but I'll save those for another post...

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    Hey, welcome to the site! Always glad to see another gamer.

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    Hey there, there's no need to be timid here. ADISC is like big, close family as you'll soon find. We've all been through the same feeling...enjoying what normal socety says is wrong to enjoy. But here, ABDL is the complete's great
    It's awesome that you're a gamer...we have a lot of them (including myself). I'm all about the roleplays and the old school games...Mario and Sonic mostly, tee hee.
    If you have any questions or need someone to help ya, you can always contact me. I love to help people out, though I'm sure you'll find your place in no time

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    Hi again, WouldBeDaddy. Posting an introduction didn't hurt too much, did it ? ADISC can be a wonderfully strange and odd place to visit sometimes, but the members here are, generally, a most friendly, knowledgable, and very supportive group of individuals. Getting to know a little bit about the newest members here, helps us to pull them into the community. I do look forward to getting to know you better, and, once you become a bit more comfortable here, I do hope you will share some of the many secrets you have had to keep to yourself for so long. I look forward to reading your future posts. Take care.

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    Welcome from central Virginia. I don't blame you for holding back the personal stuff. It takes getting used to. We are a good group, however, and you should feel more comfortable in time. I used to play Diablo for hours. Did all the games and variations. If Blizzard came out with Diablo IV I'm sure I'd be hooked again.

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    Welcome to ADISC from Wet and Wild Southern Oregon! (Its raining heavily at the moment). Hopefully you'll feel comfortable here but not so comfortable that you'll be on HERE 16 hours a day. I'm not a gamer, mostly a musician, retired teacher and counselor, now a house builder and and instrument maker. Enjoy - jump on in with both feet - the water's fine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    Welcome to ADISC from Wet and Wild Southern Oregon! (Its raining heavily at the moment). Hopefully you'll feel comfortable here but not so comfortable that you'll be on HERE 16 hours a day. I'm not a gamer, mostly a musician, retired teacher and counselor, now a house builder and an instrument maker. Enjoy - jumpin with both feet the water's fine!
    I'm a musician as well - play several instruments - love the stage - something innately satisfying about getting up there and letting it all hang out, even if it's for a bunch of drunken ingrates in a hole-in-the wall bar in NowhereVille, USA.

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    Mandolin and family (resonator, banjo-mandolin, octave mandolin, tenor and 5-string banjo ,mando-cello) is my primary first love but have been playing guitar for 44+ years. I own and play all the woodwinds except double reeds. Bles Harp is a passion as well as lap steel. Did stand-up comedy for a while - loved the rush but discovered I hated 3 things about the lifestyle: Drunks, Smoke-filled rooms, and staying up late nights.

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    Default Introduction part two....

    After realizing that part 1 was probably not quite enough, I'm going to dive off the deep end of the pool here, and likely give too much, but the story of where I am now is one I've never shared with anyone, and I feel like I've carried that boulder around long enough...

    I honestly have little recollection of my early childhood. I was, by report, a very slow trainer - to where my mother was deeply concerned that I wasn't going to make it into kindergarten on time, because I was far more interested in reading everything I could get my hands on (I started reading pretty much on my own at age 3) than I was in stopping for potty breaks. Regardless, I have only faint wisps of memory from that time in my life - I do recall "not quite making it" on an attempted BM once, no idea how old I was, and recall my grandmother diapering me back up (the old-school disposables, for those that remember them) with plenty of epithets about what a baby I was. Even now, I experience faint arousal recalling that quasi-incident.

    My real fascination with diapers came at around age 11, when my mother and grandmother began a joint venture of a daycare. Of the first three kids they took on, two were still in diapers at age 3, so there were plenty of diapers running around the house. I experimented a bit by stealing and wearing them (had to tape 2 together, and even that didn't work very well), but I lost interest in that soon after, when I discovered an obsession of sorts - my mother and grandmother pretty much did the kids that were already trained like I vaguely recall them doing me at that age - any accidents were met with a spanking, diapering, and a torrent of epithets. I was frequently enlisted to "help" take care of the kids by watching the older ones in the back playroom while my mother and grandmother tended to the infants, so anyone who had an accident was relegated to my care after they had been sufficiently humiliated up front. They came back with tears in their eyes initially, but this soon gave way to usual playing, and practically forgetting that they were diapered. I, however, was fascinated - to the point where I was (quite successfully) coaching some of them into having "accidents", with promises of special rewards and what-not... I favored the kids that wore diapers and shunned the ones that didn't when it came to reading stories and other attention they so craved, to the point where I had at least two or three of the 6 kids deliberately wetting themselves on nearly a daily basis. I had no idea what was motivating me then, and I still don't now. I certainly had no sexual attraction to the kids - it was the diaper, and the humiliation that surrounded it that excited me.

    This went on for probably a year and a half, until my grandmother's health started to fail, and they started winding down this business and my mother went back to work outside the home. The memories were more than plenty, however, to fuel the typical teenage masturbation sessions through high school.

    Once I struggled my way through and finished HS, my interest again started to wane. I moved from NE to VA, and I became too distracted with the scrapping to find and keep and replace jobs and places to live to worry about such things. I married my first wife, and we had my son, and suddenly it all started back up again. I shamed myself internally, believing this was some sort of sick pedophile fantasy. Lo and behold, my son was also a slow trainer, although once we got him trained, I only did to him what was done to me and so many other children before my eyes once - he got into the habit of being so busy playing outside with friends that he didn't bother to stop for bathroom breaks. One night I came home, his mother told me he had done it again for the 5th straight day, I told her to give him a bath, and I made a shopping trip. She had just gotten him out of the bath when I got back, and I marched him into the bedroom, dried him off (he looked at me meekly and said "are you going to make me wear a diaper?"), and informed him that yes, he was going to wear a diaper, because that's what babies who pee their pants do. I taped him up in it and sent him out into the living room wearing nothing else, and told him to say goodnight to his mother, because babies go to bed early (it was just after dinner). I took the next day off from work, determined to see this through. I took the diaper off, but when he asked to go out to play with his friends that afternoon, I diapered him up again (but let him wear shorts and a t-shirt) and sent him out. I said "now you get to prove to me whether you want to wear diapers or not - if, when you come back in, your diaper is wet, you can stay in them for the rest of the week. If not, today will be the end of it." I then proceeded to call him every half hour (he was playing in the neighbor's yard with their kids) "(Son), time to check your diaper!" That was the absolute end of that. He never had another accident.

    I still carry the guilt of doing that to him. Obviously I went way overboard. Sure, it was immediately and irrevocably effective, but I can't help but fear I may have planted the seeds of his future wrestling match....

    Anyway, the fantasies and memories all blended together and evolved over the next few years, into a very concise roleplay of an AB girl having an "accident" in her regular clothes, and me scolding her, diapering her, with or without associated accessories (pacifier, bottle, etc), and withholding myself from her until she decided she was "ready to be a big girl and use the potty", at which point I would remove the diaper and praise her, and then we would make love.

    And, as I sit here and review all this, it's a battle to hit the "submit" button, for fear of how sick and twisted I'm sure you all will think this whole thing is...

    Here goes....

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    Trust me dude, you aren't as "sick and twisted" as you think. You at least had the conscience enough to recognize your feelings around your son and feel bad about it. That alone tells me that you did your best to raise him well and it makes me confident enough to believe that you didn't touch him or anything that would be considered pedophiliac. and you gave your son the choice to enjoy diapers or to grow out of them. He chose the latter and will grow up fairly normal because of it. If he does follow in your footsteps and becomes a DL, then just stay supportive of him and open enough to allow him to tell you. If that's the case, it won't be much of a battle and his life will be a lot better than many other *B/DL's when he talks to you about it. if he's not interested in infantilism, then he will grow up as a normal child who isn't forced into something he never enjoyed in the first place. You chose the right option in my opinion (even if u may possibly have gone about it the wrong way)

    And in regards to ur fantasy, that's a fairly tame one compared to what I've heard. You should be gald you never looked at the Deeker website -_- Plus I'm sure I've had fantasies which would shame yours. Not that I'm proud of those, but don't feel ostracized here. This IS a support group, after all.

    Oh, and the thing with the little kids at the day-care? forget about it... We all do weird things as kids ourselves. Worst case scenario, you probably helped make a few *B/DL's, and if that's the case, then they'll hopefully find a website like this one and understand that it's not such a bad thing to enjoy those things. Quite the contrary when u look at the pro's of infantilism when they are allowed to express it: less chance of getting into drugs (diapers are the only drug they'll need lol), less chance of unwanted pregnancy (I heard diapers are a turn-off to some people. go figure. plus i'd imagine it's difficult to screw while wearing a diaper...... ok maybe not, but hard to get someone prego), ability to regress your mindstate and ultimately be able to control your brain and stress level, etc...

    I've often asked myself whether I'd change if i had the choice to live a life where I was 'Normal' and uninterested in infantilism. however... I honestly don't think I would. I've come to terms with who I am and despite all the cons, theres a lot of good that comes out of being a *B/DL.

    But anyway, welcome to ADISC! lol

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