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Thread: I was put into diapers! Where else would I come?

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    Default I was put into diapers! Where else would I come?

    There are obviously many sides to define but I'll stick with the adult baby for now and start when it started. I was six when dad left us and while my bed wetting began then I've never been sure that was the cause or simply coincidence. In either case that was when the diapers started.

    This was 1952 and cloth diapers with plastic or rubber pants was the norm back then. I hadn't given diapers much thought because I was six nearing seven at least not until mom mentioned it one morning while stripping my bed. She was doing two loads a day to keep up with the bed wetting.

    Mom was so casual that I almost missed what she said when she said it, but the gist of it was I would have to go back into diapers if I didn't stop wetting. I was shaken by the comment but deep down there was also a touch of excitement at the prospects of such a thing.

    Our neighbor had a baby boy, a toddler, that often ran around in just his diaper and plastic pants and I began watching him intently. The plastic pants were voluminous and shiny white covering a very thick diaper that pinned around him closed. The boy's diaper always fell below his belly gathering into a bunch in front, while the back stayed in place but made his bottom stick out.

    There was an unmistaken look about that baby that I was sure would be identical to me were I wearing the same thing. I became so enamored with that look that somewhere along the line I began wishing for it. As they say, be careful what you wish for because while I was growing fascinated with the notion mom was already putting it into place.

    Unbeknown to me mom had contracted a seamstress to fashion diapers and plastic pants for me and that wasn't too long after the threat. So it was that one afternoon, right after arriving home from school, she had me sit for "the talk". I was indeed still wetting the bed and yes, it was taking two loads to get everything clean each day.

    Moreover, the only reason babies wear diapers is simply because they can't help themselves and in that I was just like a baby. Only mom made it abundantly clear that I wasn't a baby and that diapers and those baby pants wouldn't change anything. What it would do is keep me dry and lessen the amount of laundry mom would have to do.

    There really was no good way around it and saying no would have been silly considering I was soaked each day. In addition to that, there was this small seed growing inside of me that made it all so scary and yet thrilling and just as I was thinking that very thing mom asked if I would be willing to try them.

    I said yes and she immediately modified that first question by asking if I would be willing to try them "now". She said that reaching into a grocery bag and bringing several pair of plastic pants out that she sat down before bringing out the diapers. There were eight diapers, four pair of plastic pants and diaper pins.

    I didn't answer, couldn't, not while looking at those neatly folded diapers and those shimmering plastic pants. I was dumbstruck and that small seed in the pit of my stomach blossomed right then and there. I had never felt the tingling I had in my groin or those butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

    All I could do was nod when mom stood and grabbed one of the diapers and plastic pants. I felt like my legs were going to stop working as I followed her to her bed room to watch in utter terror mixed with indescribable pleasure as she neatly laid the diaper out. Those baby pants she shook open went next to the diaper and then she looked at me.

    I took my jeans off after kicking off my shoes and my shorts followed my jeans before I slowly climbed up onto the bed. Luckily my erection was small enough that she didn't notice or if she did it wasn't an issue. because the instant I laid back she brought the diaper up. The diaper fit me easily but went across from thigh to thigh ugly as she fixed the first, then the second diaper pin.

    I wasn't sure if the diaper was suppose to bunch up the way it did but the instant I brought my knees up to bring my legs back the diapered gathered between my legs. Oddly and this is a sensation that has stayed with me the diaper grew loose about the back of the legs and that allowed the diaper to move a little as I worked my feet into the plastic panties.

    I mention that only because it was erotic even before I knew what that word meant. There was also this subtle but remarkable movement as mom worked the baby pants over my legs, knees and finally the diaper. I was nearly faint when I finally stood to have her fix the baby pants and diaper around my waist and legs.

    Mom said she was worried about the elastic being too tight about the legs and I that should leave everything on for a short while. I was still wearing my tee-shirt and almost grabbed my shorts before deciding I no longer needed them. That was when I knew for sure that I was wearing a diaper and if I didn't know mom made it even clearer that my jeans would most likely "not fit".

    I left the room with my face on fire feeling her watching me knowing, because my tee-shirt had already bunched up around the waist, that she could easily see me diapered. I was glad to make the turn and head for the living room although I wanted desperately to go to the bathroom and stand on the tubs edge for the mirror.

    The television was on and I remember Howdy Doody playing but even though I was sitting on the couch watching it I wasn't really. I was carefully and secretly touching the plastic pants and as often as I could I would move this way or that. I got up a dozen times at least to change the sound on the TV and would sit again, move around and touch.

    Mom left me in those diapers for an hour checking every once in a while to see that the elastic around the legs did to my legs. When she was satisfied she had me undo one diaper pin, push everything down to my feet and step out of them. I put my shorts back on but left my jeans where mom had folded them.

    Mom unpinned the second diaper pin then laid the diaper on my bed on top of the spread, shaking the plastic pants a little before sitting those next to it. She closed the two diaper pins and put those on my night stand and left the room. I was suppose to read before dinner and tried but couldn't.

    I remember sitting at my desk with the chair turned just enough so I could see my baby clothes before looking at the Old wind up clock I had sitting next to my lamp. I got ready for bed at seven after mom and I watched a little TV and that was at least two hours away.

    I could hardly move thinking about what had happened and what would happen and how wonderful it was going to be in diapers for the whole night. I was positive I couldn't wait and almost asked mom if I could wear my diapers for dinner. I didn't and bed time finally did come and that first official diapering was as good as the trial.

    More on that later...

    As for this place, I've been on a search to share and learn for a lot of years now and this one seems wonderfully active. I also enjoy wearing baby girl clothes but I thought I'd save that for after the introduction. I would also thank those who have made this all possible.

    Thank You!


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    Welcome to the site, John. Your introduction was very detailed on the diaper side. I can also tell you straight up that it will set off a lot of people's bull detectors but I do know that strange things happen and people had different ideas about parenting in the 50s than are accepted now. Assuming everything you've said above is the absolute truth, I'd still suggest you take that side a little slower here. It's a lot to take from someone whom you've only just met and it's very different from the experience of most of our members. Maybe you can give us a little about some other aspects of your life. What are you doing for a living right now? Married? Kids? Werewolf by night?

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    @Trevor - my BS detector would be flashing red, except......... he shows location as California. 'nuff said?

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    I'm sorry, but this is like a bad deeker fan fic. It really is. That's all I can really say.

    EDIT: Oh, and the thread title is super inappropriate.

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    can we have this removed, or at least renamed?

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    wow... so yea not to be a blue sheep but theres no way any (60ish looking at the date) sane person whos going to be productive in this community would conjur that up... i agree with the others "You see me trollin' yea hatin'we rollin, tima start the bannin parade... yea what? dont be all up in my face...." ok thats enough attempted chiharu rap for one day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiharu View Post
    "You see me trollin' yea hatin'we rollin, tima start the bannin parade... yea what? dont be all up in my face...." ok thats enough attempted chiharu rap for one day...

    'Complex story, bro' would apply here.

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    Hi, John. Welcome to ADISC. With wary skepticism, I will try to beiieve that there is truth in your narrative of having had a most unusual childhood experience. Even you must admit, however, that your account does indeed sound like an AB fantasy story. Time will tell, truth will out.

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    I find this very similiar to alot of d**k#@ stories. Sorry, like the above poster time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeru117 View Post

    I'm sorry, but this is like a bad d**ker fan fic. It really is. That's all I can really say.
    Sadly, this is less creepy than his other post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeru117
    EDIT: Oh, and the thread title is super inappropriate.
    I feel stupid: it took me a few minutes before I got what you were saying about the thread title. :P I agree, rather inappropriate.

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