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    Cool hello from orlando

    just another ordinary incontinent 35 year old...... wait thats not right....

    ok but other than needing diapers 24/7 i consider myself normal......except i don't believe there is such a thing....

    i work in the entertainment industry...on the technical side but consider my work as an art form.....
    i love all artistic forms and while i may not be great i love to draw,paint (both acrillics and digital) , take photos (sometimes of diapers) make music, 3d animations.... and on

    my hobbies are fishing,camping, movies, video games, and art

    as for the diapers side of me.....

    i made the conscience choice to begin wearing diapers at 12... i hated waking up to wet sheets and clothes... i also had minor issues in the day but small pads worked untill i was 26 at the age of 26 i had 2 surguires to try and correct my incontinence ( that only made things worse) and was now needing diapers 24/7... as the DL side i became a Dl the very first night i began wearing diapers and that has not changed i find all adults in diapers cute but have to consider myself mostly straight.... the older i get the more AB tendencies i discover but still do not consider myself AB...

    I love meeting people so if you are in florida chat me up maybe we can meet up some day!

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    What a great intro! It's a pleasure to meet you, idatsea, and welcome to ADISC! What kind of technical stuff do you do? Ah, fishing. What a wonderful sport! It must be awesome to live in Orlando, Florida. That must be every ABs dream... to live near Disney World!

    Have fun browsing the site, and try not to get into too much trouble :P

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    Welcome to ADISC! Fishing is a really big hobby for me as well, my grandpa has recently gotten me into it! I normally go fishing in Florida as that's where he lives :P. Favorite type of fishing? Do you just go off a pear? Or deep sea? Or any of the types in between?

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    Welcome to adisc. I to love to fish as I grew up on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. My family has a cottage in Northern Canada so I enjoy fresh water fishing as well.

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