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Thread: Curiosity...... can lead to trauma.......

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    Default Curiosity...... can lead to trauma.......

    A couple of days ago, I saw a bag of "Tomato Candy" sitting on a rack at the local Korean grocery market. I picked it up, thinking it would either be really bad, or surprisingly good.

    It's really, really bad.

    It gave me the same sensation of eating dried and stale ketchup.

    Curiosity led to trauma in this case. That stuff should be outlawed.

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    Exactly like Pandora opening her box. The consequences of curiosity always lead to something bad, but life would be so boring without risks and adventure.

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    I know that you should never be afraid to ask questions about anything, but live and learn I guess.

    Who would make something like that? I don't even like ketchup to begin with, so I wouldn't even think about buying it.

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