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    Okay. So recently I've foun a way to make some very absorbent diapers they fir me perfect. They are kid of like a one size fits all kind of thing if you know what I'm saying. Well anyway here's what you do.

    First you need a bath towel. Take it and fold it in half hotdog way. Then hamburger. Then hotdog again.

    Take a small white trashbag (13 gallons) an cut two feet holes in the corners.

    Take your towel and lay it down. Lay down on the back of it and pull it up to about your belly button. Now take some boxers and put them on over the towel.

    Take your trashbag and step into your new plastic pants. Tuck it in to your diaper and viola!!

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    F anyone has a better way plz respond.

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    This has been discussed many times here. Although, I can't remember anyone mentioning putting boxers on top. Anyway, here's a link to the wiki, in case you feel creative, and have some spare time, and want to try another type of diaper.

    How to make a diaper

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