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Thread: Are you an Alchoholic?! Well this ones for you!

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    Default Are you an Alchoholic?! Well this ones for you!

    Do you drink nightly? Is 12 beers not enough? Does the Beer bottles littering your neighbors lawn belong to you?

    If so, then may i present to you...


    Comes in Chocolate, raspberry, carmel, vanilla.. and possibly more...

    30 proof... "Four Loko Lite" Get sommeee

    By the makers of alchoholic energy drinks....

    Four Loko lite? 30-proof whipped cream on shelves in Mass. - The Source - Latest news and updates from

    (In truth, i kid, im sure theres plenty of respectable ways to enjoy this treat, but hey!)

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    My wife and I saw that on the news. When is your drink just not strong enough? I suppose you could take the can and just shoot the whip cream right into your mouth!

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    Life on college campuses around the United States just got ten times better. I'm wondering what else they're going to put alcohol in...can we start a list or something for ridiculous products?

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    There was once a time when I would have seriously contemplated picking up a couple cans of that.


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    I now have something to buy instead of NOS and Starbucks Vanilla Frap...

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    No thanks, I can handle my booze. lol I saw those at the store recently and had to do a double-take. I also saw those on the news and wow... NOT for me. lol. I'll stick with my beer. I don't do the hard stuff.


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    So this is marketed for use with after-dinner coffee? This product seems extraneous given that Irish coffee is already sufficiently delicious.

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    Irish coffee's fine...what this is going to allow us to do is make an alcoholic hot chocolate. Got your attention now, don't I? lol

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