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Thread: What do you do when your partner finds pictures of you wearing diapers!!!

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    Default What do you do when your partner finds pictures of you wearing diapers!!!

    Well I thought the day would never happen but like an idiot I left some pictures on my phone of myself wearing my tena diapers and my wife found them whilst she was going through the phone. Well I made some balls**t up and got her to change the subject but man, I felt embarrased but in the same way elated that she found them and do not know how to approach the subject with her to tell her how much I like to wear diapers, any one else been in similar situations? how would you deal with it?

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    I hate to say it, but it my advice is to come clean. First, you should decide whether or not this is a part of your life you are willing to give up for the marriage, because she may decide that it is. If you can, then lay it out to her like that. If it isn't, don't present her with an ultimatum, but try and sound her out as to the acceptability of your continuing this by yourself. Obviously, the best case is that she is willing to let you do what ever it is you do, and maybe even participate. But it is unfair of you to expect that. You may have to settle on limited play time, by yourself. Which sounds like the status quo, anyway.

    Also, I highly recommend that you head over to the Introductions Forum and post an intro thread.

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    yup, the basis of any marriage is communication. If at this point you dont tell her, she will be sitting there wondering what it's all about (no, she hasn't forgotten), and a level of distrust will start to build. If she has to be sneaky to find out, that will do way more damage then talking about it now.
    Personally, I have been married for over 10 years, and my marriage is stronger today than ever, mostly due to the fact my wife and I talk lots, and dont try to hide anything from each other. It's amazing what open communication will do, and how much better you will be knowing there is someone else who knows everything about you, and still loves you.

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    Yea, take it from a chick with memory problems... you could wack me in the hed with a 2b4 and i wouldnt forget THAT... lmao, but seriously, come clean to her. Your married and you still have secrets, thats dangerous and its time to come clean, better late then nail the coffin lid shut by not sayin the truth.

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    You've been caught, it will almost certainly NOT be dropped any time soon. Your best bet is to be honest and up front, any lies or secrecy may only make things worse. If she truly loves you then she should accept this as part of you. The important thing to remember is to thoroughly explain this to her and let her come to her own conclusion; don't force this on her and don't force her to make a decision immediately, it may take a while for her.

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    People are still allowed to (and do) have secrets, regardless of marital status.

    However, if those secrets are affecting your relationship, it is far more positive to discuss those issues than risk distrust, especially in this case - it's not a secret anymore, and is much closer to being a discussion. This is a chance to be honest and open about one more aspect of who you are to your significant other. You may be surprised at the response, and you would be throwing away a chance for her support by not talking about it.

    Good luck!


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    So, shabe, in your user profile you state that you are incontinent, that you've joined the ADISC Diapered 24/7 and Therapy and Diapers groups. How is it that your wife would not be aware of this medical condition and your use of diapers? Are you actually incontinent or are there other elements of your profile that are less than forthcoming? I read your intro you appear to be straight up, but somehow the incontinence statement, the diapered 24/7 predilection and your wife discovering photos on your phone seem to be incongruent. Just curious.
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    I told my current girl ahead of time. She wouldn't be that surprised. Honesty is frequently the best policy, and being up-front is always a good idea.

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    emm why did you have pictures of you in a nappy on your phone?
    and dude you gots to tell her, if you dont she is just going to feel like an idiot if she finds out by herself.

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    Well, I'd probably just look at my wife and say, "Well took 'em, smartass."

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