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Thread: Collars

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    I have three, actually. Mostly boring ones, though. Two leather, (one is smaller and black, the other is an inch-wide brown one) and another black nylon.

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    I got one the other day, for other reasons besides being a fur.

    Got no pics yet, but its just a plain black leather collar, an inch thick roughly and it has metal studs on it. ^^

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    Last I checked lions are wild animals and such animals don't wear collars. No way in hell will I wear one not even when my better half bought us matching ones for our first fur con about eight years ago. No offense to him but not a fan. It doesn't help that I see people at my college wearing collars and tails now because furry has defiantly turned into a fad.

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    I have a plain black nylon one. It is a standard cat leash and collar. I wub it and don't need anything more fancy.

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    I know I'm furry and all but I really don't see the point in them.

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    I've got 3. A red nylon one that I picked up at Wal-Mart. A Black nylon one with reflective pawprints that I picked up at Target, and a cheap brown leather one that I picked up at some random pet store.

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    I have 2, a custom made blue and green leather one, and my newer red nylon one with reflective paw prints and a blue bone tag with mine and my boyfriends names on. even got the matching leash for reasons I wont go into as it was a regular one from PetsAtHome.
    I already went into my reasons for wearing here

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