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    I found this stuff just laying around my house, and it was pretty untouched for a long time. I doubt that anyone will notice it missing, but I was wondering if I could use this stuff instead of baby powder... here are the ingredients (from the back of the container):

    magnesium carbonate
    zinc stearate

    I mean, it says "Direction: lightly tap or shake off some powder on hand or on the body. Spread smoothly on the body to enjoy fresh feel."

    I was just wondering, since I doubt that they planned on this use for the product, if it was alright, considering that all that's in normal baby powder is talc, corn starch, and fragrance.

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    It's safer to spend a minimal amount of money on something that doesn't have potential negative side effects if you are concerned.

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    It just looks less out of place than a bottle of baby powder... but, anyhow, I guess I could fill it with the real stuff... and just hope no one opens it up and sniffs it.

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    lol just make sure what ever your doing is safe and.... your parents dont think you got a bag of cocain under your bed...

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    I know that isobutylparaben and phenoxyetanol are primarily used for the facial area, so i'm not sure if it would irritate your... um... sensitive areas. In fact, with the ingredients you put, it is most likely some sort of cosmetic powder.

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