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    Have been trying out cloth diapers, both a custom fitted diaper and a pocket diaper setup (the KCK One with custom liners). After using them overnight and weighing the diaper I am getting about 45-50 oz of absorbency out of them before leaking.

    Anyone know of a good fitted cloth diaper (velcro attachment) that has similar or better absorbancy?

    I am interested in the PUL AIO from but my experience with AIO's hasn't been so good. The fact that it is covered in PUL material makes me think that it might last longer than a typical AIO.

    Anyone have any recommendations? Even a custom diaper would be fine assuming the cost isn't astronomical.


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    I know this is a pretty common question but I am looking for people's specific recommendations. The fitted/contoured style with velcro is pretty much a necessity.

    Basically just bumping this thread hoping someone has some suggestions.

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    dont buy the abuniverse ones they are great but way to thick. try the dpf one's from babykins

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    I was curious about the Yuyun with the PUL waterproof cover as well as their diaper without any waterproof backing. Anyone have any specific experience with them?

    I have a custom overnight diaper which I get pretty good absorbancy out of but still am leaking out of most nights. Really want something heavy duty that I can strap on and not worry about until morning. The reason for velcro is ease of application. My wife hates dealing with diaper pins and frankly I am not too keen on them either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonkid View Post
    dont buy the abuniverse ones they are great but way to thick. try the dpf one's from babykins
    The ABUniverse diapers look good, are they unmanageable as far as dry time? I am only interested in them for overnight and possibly around the house when I don't expect company. I don't intend to try to "hide" them going out in public.

    I used to have some Adult Cloth Diaper overnight gauze prefolds. They were so bulky that I couldn't get jeans over them if I had wanted to. The problem is they aren't manageable with the pins. Velcro is so much easier and the contour is necessary. Although I like the extra side protection that a prefold gives they are uncomfortable for me, they cause some hip pain that I would rather avoid. Plus my wife can't get them pinned on me properly and its a PITA to do it myself.

    Thanks again!

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    I've used cloth diapers for many years. It sounds like you may already know this, but AIO diapers, while a nice idea, aren't worth it, especially if you used them regularly. They are expensive and the outer waterproof layer wears out long before the cloth. In addition, the fit has to be just right. Ive also used contour velcro diapers from KINS and Gabbys. While I highly recommend KINS prefold diapers (I have lot's of their print diapers), their velcro style fell apart because the velcro unstitched from the cloth (from repeated washing/drying). You then have to send them to KINS or a seamstress or go back to pins. In the long run, even if the fit is right, you'll wear out AIO diapers and velcro diapers much sooner than prefolds.

    If you don't like pins, you might want to try a contour prefold diaper from either KINS, Gabbys, Adult Cloth Diaper or angel fluff. Then try snappies (search changing times diaper company, they have them). Snappies, while I've never tried them myself, are supposed to be much easier than pins. Another option besides velcro is snap on diapers. Obviously, you'll want to throw a vinyl pant over the whole setup.

    Finally, I'm sorry to hear about your hip pain. Years ago I saw a post on another site from an incontinent person who put contour diapers in perspective. What he said, which is true, is contour diapers have less material than prefolds, yet they cost more and are less absorbent. And, I can vouch for the fact they don't hold messes very well. That being said, they offer a better fit between the legs and less bulk. Anyway, good Luck on your search and remember only buy one at a time until you find one you like.

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    hunt the ab universe ones are uncomfortable because they are so thick. i just got some of the dpf ones from baby kins and they are great. if you get them you will not be disapointed. they feel like they are the same thickness as a bambino. they also have elastic at the legs so when you wear them they feel and fit just like a disposable. they are also very comfortable

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    I have been using just cloth contours from Tri County Cloth 24/7 with the Snappi for the past 9 month. The combo together works better then any other diapers I have tried in my 15 years of diaper wearing. I will never go back to using pins or velcro again.

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    Do you have a link to the Tri-County Cloth contours without velcro? I notice they have lots of thickness options as well, how many layers did you buy yours with and how are they as far as absorbancy? Is the material in the soakers cheap or good quality fabric?


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