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Thread: Your Best Diaper?

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    Default Your Best Diaper?

    I'm not sure if there is a thread about this on the site, but even so I think it is okay to start another one.

    Okay, the question is obvious- what is the best diaper you've ever used. It can be anything. Any brand, a cloth diaper, or even a makeshift diaper.

    What counts as the best diaper? You be the judge. It can be anything like it's comfort, it's babyishness and so on.

    You can include more than one if you like =D

    So, I'll start first. My favourite is Molicare, because of it's absorbancy. In second place is Goodnites. I like it's snug fit

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    Molicare Super Plus... Beacause it' just simply the best i've tried so far :p

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    OK... I'm a very traditional Brit, so it would have to be a terry towelling nappy. But not just any old terry nappy...

    This is probably going to sound like one of those menus in very posh burger establishments, but what the heck. I nominate the terry nappy as fitted by the much-missed Mummy Stephanie of Bristol, England, which was done like this: one adult size terry nappy, kite-folded. Inside it, in this order: one standard baby terry nappy (24 inches square), folded in three lengthways and laid down the centre; one muslin square; two flushable one-way paper nappy liners. Fitted to baby's bottom as tight as possible with 4 safety pins and a lot of love and attention. Plastic pants over the nappy, leg elastics tucked over.

    Result: something that is highly absorbant, breathable (the main reason I hate disposables is because they make me sweat), won't leak, reduce nappy rash, and can usually be cleaned with little problem if baby decides to soil as well as wet. But more than that, it feels right, not only because of what it is, but because of how it's been done.


    Baby Artie

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    abena xplus for the best absorbency Ive seen so far, molicare super in second place for awesome absorbency and very comfortable but too expensive.

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    Has to be the abena x-plus for me as well. I just feel they're the best all round nappy that's easily available, and they're not too expensive. They've changed over the years but unlike other brands (*glares at cuddlz*) it has always been for the best. Plus, doubled up they make me waddle

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    I've tried bambino, abena and molicare... They each have their advantages and drawbacks.... but I really like something about a molicare super plus for some reason. The Bambinos I have only ordered two or three times (mostly because of the price difference) but I enjoy the biancos taping system.... I bet if I wore the Bams as much as I've tried Molis- my opinion would change.

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