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    Hows it going everyone? I just found this site and read some posts and it looked pretty cool. Ive been on some of the other community sites, but this looked like it was actually active with people and you can tell obviously because its a forum.

    Ive always been into diapers for as long as I can remember, once I got the internet as a kid and realized other people liked them too I sort of indluged into it more. I guess Id be a little bit more of a AB than just DL. Its just cool to be able to talk to others and see other peoples stories, so I figured Id join.

    I am actually pretty shy, to most peoples surprise as Im an active outgoing person. I for some reason dont get off on the small talk and lingering awkwardness with new people I guess, but being able to hear and talk to others with this kink of ours is pretty cool. I played soccer in college and pretty much do any sport. I recently graduated so looking for that next part in life. I also play a lot of video games, mostly stick to sports games and shooters.

    I guess Im just looking to hear peoples stories and meet others with the same kink as me. Ever since I can remember Ive had the urge to wear diapers, and being able to talk about it is somewhat intriguing. Which is probably why I ended up telling my last girlfriend, lol.

    But I guess thats it for now, anything else just ask.

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    Welcome to the group! I just recently signed up too. I understand the intrigue in telling people about your kink. Hope you find what your looking for here. From what I've experienced so far, this community is pretty easy going and easy to talk to.


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    Welcome Remi. I know you'll find some interesting stories, ones that you can relate to and others maybe not. You'll find many of us have had a strong interest in diapers early in our life as it seems to be for you.

    -dprd Inky

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