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Thread: Greetings ADISC members!

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    Smile Greetings ADISC members!

    Hello and Greetings ADISC members. I will not announce my age... yet but I live in California, and I have taken a slight interest in this site because it seems to be the most reasonable AB/TB/DL/etc site that I have seen so far.

    Now a little bit about how I got into all of this: It all started when I was 8, I never exactly liked the idea of being babied or wearing diapers but one day at a friends house I happened to stumble across some goodnites in his room. At first he told me it was his brothers so he grabbed the pack and tossed it carelessly into his brothers closet which had pull-ups in them along with some of his toy cars and figurines. Then I decided to ask his brother about it and he said that they were my friends and that he used them for baseball practice. I believed him because my friend was in a little league team that year and he always went to practice every week or so. But tye same day I was spending the night at his house for a sleepover, I remember him opening one of his drawers, pulling out something and going to the bathroom which was just outside of his room to the right telling me that he had to go to the bathroom for something. I just stood silent and he went out of the room and into the bathroom. I wondered what he grabbed and what was inside of his drawer, and it was pitch black but I turned on his nightlight and opened the drawer and I surprisingly found the goodnites he tossed into his brothers room that same day. So I took one out of the bag and put it on due to my curiosity because I always wondered what it felt like to wear one. I soon heard my friend come back inside and he went back to bed and did not notice his night light was on. I slept soundly and the next day I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. It was making me hungry so I looked to my left to my friends bed and I saw him there snoring and still sleeping. I then realized something weird, I was still wearing something... but then I remembered I was still wearing the diaper from the previous night and I was going to run to the bathroom and change but there was someone in the bathroom so I just ignored it and ran downstairs to eat. Eventually we ended up going crab fiahing again during the night and I snuck on a goodnite that I hid underneath a pile of dirty laundry that was on the bathroom floor at my friends house and wore it out to the pier and eventually ended up accidentally wetting it on the way back due to all of the bathroom stalls being occupied but I will just cut that story short for now.
    Another thing is I used to grab diapers from my friends bathroom since they run a daycare so yeah. But it was all really out of curiosity but I do not own any bottle or pacifier (because I do not want to at the moment) but I might eventually. I do however own a sippy cup and diapers (goodnites which I will have to restock on eventually)

    Now about myself more: I am currently in high school and I am aspiring to be a lead video game CEO of my own company(sounds weird right?) I also am a video gamer and a creative artist. What do i draw exactly? Whatever I feel like drawing. I also have an obsession for two main pokemon, Lucario and Riolu, but that is a completely different and long story. My favorite animal is a wolf, mainly because they are just plain awesome.

    Well thats about it. Sorry if J bored anyone to death with my long post but I kind of could not browse forums anymore due to being a "lurker" and what not but yeah. If you see any grammer mistakes or any mistyping, it is because at the time of me posting this, I am typing it all from my iPod touch(which is very frustrating and annoying) but one thing I forgot to mention is that I own all three major consoles, wii, 360 and PS3 and I go trophy hunting(used to go achievement hunting) and I seriously dislike the xbox 360. Well thats all the typing for now, farewell.

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    Welcome Rukario. One thing cool about ADISC, there is no pressure to reveal anymore than what is necessary about yourself, such as how old you are. It sounds like you have a great goal for yourself and hope you success in accomplishing this.

    After such an amazing introduction an all, look forward to your contributions.

    -Dprd Inky

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    Welcome to ADISC Rukario! Very interesting story there! Also cool to see another gamer, though I myself am mostly just a Warcraft junkie.
    Yeah, no pressure to reveal anything you're uncomfortable with until you're ready! That's the cool thing about ADISC "Slow reveal"!

    Look forward to seeing more of you here!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Thanks for posting an introduction. =D

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