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Thread: Christmas / Holiday decoration: How crazy do you get?

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    Default Christmas / Holiday decoration: How crazy do you get?

    I figured I would ask this little question since it has become an obsession for me. I have been decorating the outside of my house like a crazy man. I can't stop buying and adding more light, decorations, and ultimately more extension cords. I do believe my front yard is a fire hazard.

    I was wondering how many of you do the same thing?

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    i seem to add more every year and i still got couple more light to buy

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    I think I have a working strand of lights somewhere.

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    I go mental for tinsel, absolutely LOVE the stuff. I basically cover any available surface with it, I love the colours and the way light reflects off of it. Not really bothered about other stuff except maybe a few Christmas lights and a good tree.

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    I don't do anything, not really a fan of it. I do like to go look at other peoples lights though. Hell don't even listen to christmas music....ever.

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    I guess I was deprived of my decorations for awhile. I used to decorate the yard and house with my mom growing up, and it was one of the best memories of my childhood. For about the last 10 years it was not an option outside (other than lights around the house) since the neighbors would steal anything people put out on the ground. When my mom died, I completely lost interest in all holidays so I didn't do any decorating at all. Last year was the first year I could decorate outside since I moved to a nice neighborhood where things are not messed with. I guess I went crazy buying and setting up decorations. I spent well over $800 last year on lights, decorations, and extension cords. This year I spent another $400 adding new decorations, lights, and extension cords, and I'm not finished yet. It's rewarding when I see the kids in the neighborhood walk by and smile. I see so many cars slowdown or stop in front of the house to look. It's one of the coolest feelings knowing my decorations bring joy to others. I don't care if the power company gets rich off of me for a month.

    I have another round of lights to put out this weekend if I have time; after that I may post some pictures in the members gallery.

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    Not too crazy. At home we don't like to put up decorations too soon, we usually wait until a week before Christmas. Usually we just have a tree, some lights in the front roomn and then tinsel thrown about everywhere (although the cats do like to tear it down).
    This year we won't be putting up any decorations until the 23rd of December, because that's when I get home and I made my family promise not to decorate before I got back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    I don't do anything, not really a fan of it. I do like to go look at other peoples lights though. Hell don't even listen to christmas music....ever.
    I'm the same way. I don't put lights up or any other decoration. I'm not even getting a tree. I hate Christmas music and I'm sick of it already. Don't get me wrong I do celebrate Christmas but not in my house so theirs no reason for me to waist the money on the stuff for my house. Sorry to be a scrooge.

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    I do ziltch. But then again, I just have an apartment and live alone, so really, there isn't anyone else to do it for.

    My parents never went all out when I was a kid. A few lights outside, a decorated tree, and some garland down the stairs. That's it. My mom used to set up a christmas village, but she stopped after a while.

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    I don't do anything at all. Not because I dont' like christmas, but because decorating the house is a part of my wife's hobbies and she is really taking it very seriously. Our christmas tree must be the most beautiful of the village, it's a question of pride.

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