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    Default And now presenting...

    ...a new addition to the ADISC community! lol

    What's goin' on guys? My name's Nick and I'm new here (obviously) so i figured I may as well introduce myself. No point in joining a community and not socializing.

    Anyway, I'll be up front right now and tell you all that I like to talk A LOT, so don't mind if my messages are lengthy. I at least try to fill it with somewhat interesting things lol.

    I am more of a DL than a TB, but will often try regression when I'm particularly stressed or when I can actually get some privacy for a while in my house. Apart from that, I've never actually told anyone about this part of me until now. I've tried one or two other forums of *B/DL's, but never really opened up on them. However, this community seems pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. (Does that get me brownie points? lol)

    I used to be a huge video game nerd but recently High School's been changing me a lot, like most other people. I'm currently taking mixed artial arts classes which im really passionate about. Great way to stay in shape, build some confidence, learn self-defense, etc. And, other than that, my other hobbies are listening to music (mostly rock, metal, and rap but lately a lot of jazz), camping, video games (mainly RPG's and RTS's), and playing with my band (I play bass).

    I'm not entirely sure what I want out of this site, because I'm fairly open minded about it. I enjoy a lot of the stories, and like a lot of topics that you guys discuss. That, combined with what appears to be a really laid-back group of like-minded people who are generally pretty normal, but still crazy enough to not make me feel ostracized. =)
    It just all gave me a good enough feeling about this site that I decided to join!

    Hope that was a good intro!

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    Welcome to ADISC! I'm glad that you found this site and that you want to join our community!!!

    I guess I'll start things off with a question; What games did/do you play?

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    I agress with kwis wat stuff do you play :P maybe you have ties to being fun and therefore i mite needa drag ur arm to go play with me on sum video games woohoo XD hehehe.

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    hey Nick!
    nice intro! lots of gamers here on adisc!
    someone needs to make a video game where u get points for age reversal oir regression (who ever gets to be 2 years oild first wins!) j/k

    i have played wi games @ a few ABDL parties alongside some friends (everyone wearing) it's fun!
    welcome to ADISC, hope you can be a active member, hope you amke lots of kool freinds here!
    - Will

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    Nice to know I'm around fellow gamers lol.

    In regards to computer games, my favorite RTS has to be either Medieval II: Total War (I love the total war series), or one of the Age of Empires games. For RPGs I play neverwinter nights and used to play a buncha other games like WoW, Age of Conan, and Diablo, but couldn't afford the online ones and lost the last one.

    I also prefer to play ps2 + ps1 games as well as original xbox games as opposed to all the new ps3 and xbox 360 games. Maybe it's a way of me maintaining my childhood, or maybe it's the fact that I'm poor lol but I feel like playing an actual game instead of playing a movie. I've played most of the games from the final fantasy series (and still do) and am currently switching off between Jade Empire and Star Wars: KOTOR I. Oh, and of course samurai/dynasty warriors. Those games tend to get tedious after a while but always a good fallback game.

    I've played a lot of new games such as Assassin's Creed I and II, UFC '09 and '10, Call of Duty World At War and Modern Warfare 2, and Mass Effect I and II, but I tend to beat them then put them on a shelf and never touch um again. Except Mass Effect II, that game's pretty awesome lol.

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    great taste in video games, sir. I've really enjoyed the Age of Empires series. I just recently finished with Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - that series and Gears of War are pretty much my favorite gaming series currently. GEARS 3 BABY!!! (just wait a little longer).
    I just recently signed up with ADISC too. So from one newbie to another, Welcome to the group.


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    Gears was a fun series, though I only legitimately played #1. I tried number 2 at a friends house and couldnt get into it. =/

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