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Thread: Tips for a newbie?

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    Default Tips for a newbie?

    So my girlfriend and I have been playing more with diapers and dressup, and we love every second of it.

    I would love for her to start taking a more dominant role and making me eat baby food, punishing me (spankings or whatnot), etc. but we haven't found anything that helps her get in that headspace.

    She says that she gets a very maternal feeling from the diapers, and punishing doesn't feel right.

    I'd love some advice from the experienced (or not so experienced) mommies in the group. Possibly something she may be able to read that may help it click, or if someone would even be willing to yahoo with her it'd be ideal.

    Just a newbie lookin for advice from the collective experience of this wunnerful group!

    Thanks in advance.

    - babyloki

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    Perhaps you could buy her something leather, maybe give her a whip. I know that always gets me in the dommy-mommy mood. Or, likewise, I look for dommy-mommy stories, videos, or pictures. (That could probably be counted for porn for a lot of people... Forgive me, moddies!) It might be able to help her think "Damn, that looks sexy."

    But I must agree with her. Whenever I play mommy (or fantasize about it) punishment doesn't feel right unless I'm in a very, very kinky, naughty move.

    And, seriously man, get her a riding crop or just try regular domination first without AB-play. Then slowly meld the two things together.

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    We're in a D/s relationship already, we play with S&M regularly, I'm trying to bring her into the dommy mommy mod more. She's having a hard time combining the two.

    I think if I could get her to meld the two together we'd do both more, vs. all of one when we do play.

    I know she likes both, but S&M is her preference, diapers is up there for me, and I'd love to combine the two, she seems resistant.

    That's why I'm fishing for ideas to help her get into it. =)

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    The only advice I can offer is not to push your luck. If being your mommy brings out the maternal instinct in her, and she doesn't feel comfortable being dominating with you, then don't try and push her into it. You are extremely lucky to have found somebody who is happy to participate in age-play with you, and trying to push her into doing something that doesn't feel right for her may put her off the age-play altogether. If you are already able to play S&M regularly, then I would settle for enjoying it separately from the AB play, and accept that when you are being little she is going to be caring and nurturing. Personally I would not feel comfortable being a dominating mummy either, I don't like the idea of punishing children, and even in age-play I think I would find it hard. Sometimes in role-play it is very difficult to separate your real-life feelings and morals from the situation, and she may be finding that the idea of dominating her baby, even if he is an adult, just doesn't sit comfortably with her.

    If you are both happy with what you are doing, and she is resisting the idea of becoming dominating, then I think trying to push her into it may only stand to ruin what you already have. If she is saying it doesn't feel right for her, then unfortunately you will just have to accept that, as coercing somebody into doing something they don't want to is rarely going to have a positive effect on a relationship.

    I suggest that before you start trying to think of ways to help her combine the two you sit down with her and find out whether she is actually interested in combining the two. If she says that she'd like to, but just can't, then perhaps together you can find a solution. But if she firmly says that no, she doesn't want to try it, then all you can do is accept that and enjoy the role-play you do share together.

    Good luck in finding a solution together, you are lucky to have a girlfriend to share this with

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