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Thread: Storms/Tornadoes

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    Cool Storms/Tornadoes

    So last night we had some wicked storms here in the midwest (Chicago suburbs) and tornadoes touched down in towns about 20 miles southeast of where I live. Freaked me out a bit and there was a lot of damage. So my question is, do storms freak any of you out as much as they do me? I know some people that love watching the rain and of course there are those storm chaser people. Crazy, if you ask me. What do you guys think?

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    I'd be a storm chasing geek if I wasn't a computer geek. I totally love all and every storm. It would be nice if it were a storm that took my life infact. Poetic irony considering I'm a Gaian who believes the weather is a massive part of purification of this planet.

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    The only time storms scare me is when i'm in the middle of something and then BOOOOOM! be thunder.

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    I like storms UNLESS I wake up to them. when I wake up to them I get scared, but after that and any other time I LOVE them!

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    You're such a girl, Mandi! Being scared of storms, sheesh!

    (This coming from the man who has the same problem; I wake up in the middle of a night to a clap of thunder, and it scares the living heck out of me!)

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    Naw, storms are awesome! Unless it interferes with something I'm trying to do, then I get mad.

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    In my area we also had a big storm, even the power was out so i had no internet during the rest of the night. The winds was very rough, the winds had blown off a roof top and had flipped over a car (from what I hear).

    Anyways, I use to be very afraid of storms mainly due to the thunder so I know exactly how you feel especially about tornadoes. At a young age I would usually see my whole family outside in the garage looking at the storm and I would be inside the house alone and scared. I eventually came over my fear at the age of 8-10. I'm not sure how I came over it but my sister had helped me out a little by taking me to the basement a couple of times to take cover, aftrer those couple of times I lost my fear. Now I take walks on rainy days especially during a strorm with down pouring rain. I guess those walks is a way for me to loose my stress.

    Just so you know your not alone with your fear, I know a lot of other people your age that have the same fear so I understand how you feel.
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    After living in South Florida for most of my life, i've been through many hurricanes and they always interested me. They were always dark like the end of the world and just constant wind and rain. They were actually kind of exciting.

    Worst one i've been through was Hurricane Wilma.

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    Storms? Whats that?

    What we get mostly is rain.

    I do rememeber a tornado touching down about a year ago. It was 10am and I was still asleep. Next thing I know. BAM! House shook like a mother****er.

    Then fell straight to sleep again. About 4pm woke up. Then asked what it was.

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    I love storms! Thunderstorms are about the only thing that make summer tolerable for me. (Tornados and hurricanes are cool too but the threat of property damage makes them a little less desirable.)I would love to work for the weather channel and get to chase tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, whatever. But I'm such a homebody, I'm not sure if I'd like the frequent travel involved.

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