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Thread: Well then...hello there.

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    Default Well then...hello there.

    So, it would seem that an introduction is due.

    I recently finished my contract with the USMC. Due to medical issues I only served 4 years. So, now it's time to get back into ABDL community.

    I'm 22 years old. Been a diaper lover for a while now, never really got into the AB scene too much, but I probably will sometime soon.

    I kind of a nature person, I enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, rafting, scuba, snorkeling, as far as nature is concerned I'm sure there are more I'm not thinking of.

    Love guns, everything from pistols to heavy machine guns. As such I enjoy shooting.

    Used to be a competitive swimmer, but I enjoy watching College football.

    Music; Prefer rock and metal but will listen to anything thats not gospel. I also play violin.

    I think I will end it there, starting to fall asleep. I look forward to talking with you all.

    Be well,

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    Welcome to ADISC, Adinaonar (and back to the community :P )! You like guns, eh? Guns are okay, but the instantaneous combustion of gunpowder isn't my cup o' tea. I prefer 3.2 kg blunt, metal slugs traveling at over 8 m/s when fired from an EM field. Say, you wouldn't happen to have any experience with railguns, would you? I'm just bugging :P We look forward to hearing more from you!

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    Welcome. And while I dont' agree with Bush's wars, I do full heartedly support are troops.

    Thanks so much for your service aidian.

    Oh and I love guns too., I have a couple and my favs I own are my AK 47 and my .357 mag S/W revolver. And my 30 30 marlin.

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    Hm, railguns, yes, though i had to describe it as an electro-magnetic projectile accelerator, in order to do it as a project. Still haven't worked out my timing so i keep burning coils like its cool.

    As for my favorite guns, Taurus Judge, FN five-seven, 300 Weatherby magnum , Remington 700, springfield m1903a4.

    I don't support the war either, however i will forever support our troops. Thank you.

    Be well.

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    whatup! nice intro!
    I know a few Marines who are ABDLs
    Just wanted to say hey! Welcome to ADISC and enjoy making fre8inds and learning and interacting from chill members like yourself!

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    When I was still active duty, ! had only ever found 1 other ABDL, at the time I was so insecure about it I never talked to him about it. I don't remember how we met online but i remember thinking that there was no way he was on the same base I was so I did some IP trace routing and the guy had used his last name as his computers username so I started watching him at work and noticed the signs of a diaper, extra bulk, never using the head (bathroom) the occasional smell of urine, a minor leak here and there. It was funny, and yet i was so worried about the consequences if someone overheard us talking that i never talked to him.

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