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Thread: Dry 24/7 samples

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    Default Dry 24/7 samples

    Hey guys! I was considering ordering the sample of the Dry 24/7 and was wondering how discreet the shipping was?
    Are the actual cases discreet?
    If I order them from a different site will they be discreet?
    Any info would help. Sorry for so many questions, Thanks!

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    My most recent order was by way of XP Medical and there was no problem with discretion. They are large, though. Even a single bag is larger than you might expect from looking at other bags of diapers in stores. I got a case because the introductory price was so good but it was a serious box, so if you have to explain it, be thinking of something big and bulky it could be.

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    I've never ordered them, but I checked out the website.

    On this page it clearly says this: *All orders are shipped out in discreet unmarked boxes and envelopes

    Dry 24/7 - Product page - Sample Pack (2 Briefs) | Adult diapers

    It says it right below the picture of the samples.

    Also if you have any other questions, there is a form where you could email them with further inquiries on the main page.

    Dry 24/7 - Home page | Adult diapers

    Hope this helps ^_^

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    Yea i checked their site already but i was hoping to get some info from people who have already ordered them, like if the samples come in the mail or my front door, just to be safe

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    I ordered the Dry 24/7 sample in medium from XP Medical. It came in a regular cardboard box, about 8" x 12" x 4" if I remember correctly. It has a plain white label that says XP as the sender (not XP Medical) and is pretty discrete. The box weighs about a pound.

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    have to say that there sizing is abit off , so if you are used to a medium perhaps a small would be best ,
    slimer folks seem to have them beign abit too big , well for me anyways

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    Ordered my Abenas from XP medical, a full case. They turned the box inside-out so that no markings would be present, and the shipping label just said "XP." Not sure what a sample would be shipped in but I have no reason to expect it wouldn't be every bit as discrete.

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    in my opinon they were good diapers other then them being abit too big , they were comfertable

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