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    Hey I was just thinking that we could have a topic where we talk about recent collage games and teams in general. I'm a big Nebraska fan and can't wait to see the game between them and Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship. I would love to hear about any other teams or games!

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    Looking foward to seeing Oregon vs Auburn in BSC Champ. Other games that were interesting this past week, Boise St. and Alabama blowing their leads. Nebraska has a shot of wining beating OK.

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    Welcome to the Big 10, huskerite.

    Also, MSU, first conference championship in 20 years. Huzzah!

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    I think the big 10 conference championship will work out so much better than the current system of just the top team in the conference. Of course they couldn't do this until next year when they have 12 teams. Is anyone a fan of a team in the big 12 that is staying? If so what is your view on the future big 12?

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    I love the Sooners and cant wait to see the last Big 12 championship game. To big rivals that we probley wont see match up ever again and who know TCU could be in the National champion ship this year any can happen next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    Welcome to the Big 10, huskerite.

    Also, MSU, first [share of the] conference championship in 20 years. Huzzah!
    Fixed courtesy of the Iowa Hawkeyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayschares View Post
    Fixed courtesy of the Iowa Hawkeyes
    ...who finished 7-5 and will go to the...Mastercard Alamo Bowl?


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    I am a Big Ten fan myself, I dislike the SEC because of all the attention it gets- like it's the darling of the college football world while it's just glorified because of all the TV contracts it has.

    Reason I am a Big Ten fan is because I've been a life-long Ohio State fan. I grew up on the Buckeyes and have watched the Buckeyes all my life. When I was five, I actually stepped foot on Ohio Stadium's original carpet artificial turf while I was there with my grandpa while dropping something off to my aunt, who was working the Special Olympics event that day or something like that.

    I am looking forward to next year when the Big Ten expands with Nebraska, I have wanted to see the teams split for some time and have a true college football season and championship game. I have never been fond of how the Big Ten season ends early and the teams have too much free time before the bowl games. I also am a MAC fan-Mid-American Conference cause I live in Kent, OH and live right next door to Kent State University. Where I work hosts a lot of sports teams from there and it gives me a sense of local pride. Last Friday, I watched the K-State-Ohio U game on ESPNU and enjoyed myself.


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    Two of my kids went to Virginia Tech so we are big fans. This weekend they will play Florida State for the ACC championship. And about Florida State beating Florida, a perennial SEC leader!!!! The Tech/Florida State match up should be a good one. FS has Ponder, a very good quarterback, but we have Tyrod Taylor, a great quarterback. The young Tech defense will once again have to step it up.

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    My buckeyes just barley missed the rose bowl cuz of a stinker at wisconsin, so if auburn and oregon win out they'll most likely play arkansas in the sugar bowl, which would actually be pretty awesome cuz my friend's an arkansas fan and the buckeyes would have a legit chance at kicking some fanny :P (even tho they've never beaten an sec team in a bowl game, one can still hope lol)

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