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Thread: Please allow me to introduce myself.

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    Default Please allow me to introduce myself.

    Hello all,

    Im sorry that i have not done this yet. Due to complications with my internet and Thanksgiving i have not been able to get on the internet (and i better post this before the site kicks me off) [I dont want to be a Lurker]

    First off my name is Knight. I am just a teenager trying to find my place in this world (how cheesy is that lol). I have dreams to become a well known comic/manga artist, which is something ill mention in a second.

    I am most certainly a DL and i have a little bit of a TB side to me as well, though it is quite small. I respect all aspects of this lifestyle so i have no problem with regression or roleplaying. Im also taking up drawing diaper art along with my regular art.

    Like i said before, I plan on being a great manga artist, so that has been the main focus of my life for the last 4 years. Im not the greatest, but I can say that i have improved well over the last couple of years. Right now im working out a work schedule to self publish my stories (first few volumes) before i graduate college ^_^. I am also a video game addict, especially of fantasy RPG titles. As for music, I listen to everything from Metal to Classical.

    What i wish to get out of this site is support mainly. I have been keeping a secret for about 2 years, and until i found this forum accidentally, i had no one else to support me in this life style of mine (i have to sneak in diapers only about once every 2-3 months). So i hope to gain confidence in who i am. The other thing I wanted to get out of this site is that i always wanted to do a comic with diapers as a main part in it. If there is anyone willing to help me write such a story i would greatly appreciate it ^_^

    I hope that is a worthy introduction for you guys.

    Yours truly


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    That's a perfect intro, Knight! It's great to meet you. You're a manga artist? That's great! Do you have any links to your work? While I don't listen to much metal, I do listen to Classical, rather, Orchestra. Well, perhaps after you spend a bit of time here, and you become comfortable, maybe you'd like to share your secret with someone. The support among ADISC members is great! As for writing a story with diapers in it, maybe you'd like to take a peek at the Stories in progress board. Share your idea, and you'll get some great enthusiasm from other members.


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