I'm proud to announce that NutFreeFruitcake has joined the ADISC staff team, as articles editor. This is the position we were accepting applications for here.

His duties will include:

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  1. Growing the number and quality of articles on the site (both on the wiki, and in the articles system). This involves:
    1. Writing quality new articles.
    2. Editing existing articles, to improve them and keep them up-to-date.
    3. Finding good writers and encouraging them to write/edit articles as well.

  2. Improving the organization of articles:
    1. Ensuring articles are organized in an easily accessible way.
    2. Keeping track of article edits, removing anything that shouldn't be there, and helping any newbies who express an interest in contributing.

  3. Responding to any requests related to articles, such as article nominations.
To wish him well in his new role, check out: his welcome thread