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    Default Hello, and greetings!

    Hi! I'm a long time person in the diaper community, but haven't really actively been on forums before. I'm glad to have found this one

    I'm 20, a guy, straight, in college, enjoy lots of outdoorsy kind of things, and am a bit of a closet nerd (I don't tell a whole lot of people about my nerdy side :p). Music is a big part of my life, and I am currently learning how to play the piano. I also love video games and love to hang with friends/meet people in general. I never judge people, so I'm hoping that this community is the same way.

    In terms of diaper stuff, I pretty much only wear baby diapers. I dunno why; I think it's because that is what I grew up with all these years so I'm just used to them. I'm strictly a DL; I don't do any of the baby stuff or the roll playing stuff but I respect those that do because we're all different. Diapers are totally secret in my life. They do not define me whatsoever, but they are nonetheless a completely separate and secret part of my life that I haven't told a single soul about, not even girlfriends. My parents did find out a long time ago, but they mentioned it one time and promised to drop the topic forever because they knew how insanely uncomfortable it would make me feel to talk to them about it. So it's unspoken, but I guess they know. It really bugs me that they do and is embarrassing, but I'm continuing to act like they don't know.

    So hello I'm hoping to be able to talk to other people with similar interests, both diaper-wise and non-diaper-wise. Helps me feel like I'm not alone :p Sometimes I feel like I'm the only DL, but these forums remind me that I'm not alone.

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    What a terrific intro! It's great to meet you! Your name is pretty cool. It reminds me of the Rancor :P There are a lot of pure DLs on this site, so I'm sure you'll feel welcomed. I'm sure when you browse the forums more, you'll learn a lot. As for the nerdy side, a lot of us are :P What do you like to do in the outdoors?

    Well, welcome to ADISC! I hope you become a regular, and I look forward to hearing more from you.

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