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Thread: Call of Duty Black Ops

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    Default Call of Duty Black Ops

    What do you guys think of it? Is it worth the price?

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    $60 is a bit steep for me. I bought it for PC though. The single player campaign is fun and extremely story driven with an extremely strong story line and has good graphics. The zombie mode is kind of a waste, so don't just buy it for that. Multiplayer is like Modern Warfare 2, but it's easier to get new items and to level up. Buy it if you like the series. Don't buy it if you've played Bad Company 2, because you will be severely disappointed in how they compare.

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    Boo CoD: BlOps.

    I personally really don't care for this game. I've tried it out on a friends PC, and I think I like it less than MW2 when I played. But maybe it's cause I really like Bad Company 2.
    And maybe it is because of the 60 FREAKING DOLLAR PRICE for PC. I understand that for a console, with all the shipping and packaging, but come on man, why add that price to a digital copy you download of the interwebs?

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    Girrzy, thanks I might end up holding off on it because I was only going to get it for the zombie mode. Shinx that is a valid point but if it was cheeper for PC the console players would go ballistic over the difference in the price.

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    Well, can always bitorrent it and scoup the single player and zombie modes... *giggles* dats wat i did =o im bored of it now though... and the zombies arnt thaat impressing... would be better if it was outdoors and u had npcs to do it with i guess...

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    I think most people are just getting tired with Call Of Duty. Sure there are some good things in each but one can only release so many games before you have to make some serious changes to keep the players interested. Look at the Battlefield series. People lost interest in it but when Dice added the destructible elements people came back to love their games again.

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    I'm not to happy with this one. I bought it and I've only been playing it for a few days and I'm already tired of it.

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    They just need to port out the zombies mode, turn it into its own IP, and give me a whole game of that.

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    Hmm, I don't know...but the real question is does it go well with diapers like call of duty 4?

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    Ha! Yeah, saw that on failblog. Kinda curious as to how that happened. Not sure how many customers it takes that buy both before amazon will suggest it like that.

    But anyway, black ops is fun. The story is well done. I can only play it in spurts though to avoid getting overly tired of it. I'm not a CoD fan in general, but this one is an ok buy. Should probably wait until it comes down in price if you are considering it, though.

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