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    Well... A while back there was a guy from my work place talking to me about an intrest of diapers etc... So I gave him advice etc.. He brought a sample and told me how it all went and stuff.. I didn't one tell him about mine an my boyfriends personal lifestyle.. As I feel that it's just for me and him to know.. Well now I have discovered that he's actually told his girlfriend that I wear diapers an that my boyfriend changes me.. I had someone come over my house and actually ask if it was true etc... I really don't know what to do as didn't really people in my work place finding out about this fetish.. And dont want it getting in the way of mine and his jobs (as we work together) And really don't know what to say if people ask as there's not really much I can say urghh this is getting me quite down thought I could actually trust my friends x

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    Oh dear, this is a really unfortunate situation to be in.

    First I think you need to talk to this guy. Tell him that you've had someone ask you about this lifestyle, and that it's making things awkward. Ask him to talk to his girlfriend about it and make sure she keeps her mouth shut. If he is interested in this lifestyle then he should be able to understand why you may wish to keep it private. Hopefully that may at lest stop them from telling anybody else. Explain that you're really not happy that he shared this, as you shared what you did with him in confidence and didn't expect it to reach anybody else. If you're going to deny this or make up a lie to cover yourself and you still feel you can trust them, let them know of this beforehand so they don't try and defend their story against your lie.

    If people have already found out then you can try to deny it and say it is a lie/rumour, however people may find it hard to believe why such a lie would be started, or may have found your workmate's story too convincing. It may be easier to try and convince everybody that it has been a misunderstanding (maybe make up a story, such as when you were ill with flu last year you were too weak to even use the bathroom and had to wear nappies, which your boyfriend helped change or that you wear them for bedwetting. You told this to your workmate, and he misunderstood slightly). If your workmates are open minded it may be easier to just admit the truth to them. Either way you need to try and tell people that you'd rather not talk about it as obviously it's a private issue, and that you'd prefer it if they kept the information to themselves in order to stop this rumour spreading any further, or being exaggerated into something worse.

    Without knowing what sort of job you do it's hard to say how much this will effect it, but hopefully if you remain mature during this situation, and refrain from divulging any personal information but just say that you'd rather not discuss such rumours people will soon lose interest. Do they know that he wears nappies as well, or has he only divulged this about you?

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    :O This is bad news :/. Do you know his girlfriend? It seems like he's automatically assumed you must be into them due to the advice you gave him (what did you actually say?). I see one of two options, either drag him to one side and say what he did was not on, that he got the wrong side of the stick, and you don't appreciate him telling people who quite obviously can't keep their gobs shut. Or you call him out on it in public, in front of other people, and belittle him. That way, anyone else who's heard these rumours knows whats going on, and that he's been a dick about it. You could of course stay silent and just deny it to anyone who asks.... but that doesn't always work.

    You have to crush this quick, in the job you do, stuff like this can get around very fast.....
    *big hugs*

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    personally if i was u idd flip the cards, say your incontinent and tell those chittychat people a dramatic story and how your shocked to see someone you know degrade your self esteam like that and pull a guilt trip. Reverse the cards and make them look bad as punishment for betraying your privacy like that.

    >:3 cuz thats horrible...

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    Its sad when friends break that trust

    You are probably better off representing a sympathetic position for the guy and making it look like he misinterpreted what you said. Deflect questions about your lifestyle to avoid having to lie directly to people and to get them off your back. You don't want to be a dick to your friends even if they do something stupid like that, but you need to put your needs above theirs. Do people at your work actually know about this side of you (have you ever worn to work?) or is this just the next big rumor? Also did this friend of yours know how deeply into this you were?

    This guy you talked to sounds like the type of person who comes onto this site from time to time and promptly gets banned because they don't think things through and just act impulsively.

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