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    Hi, lol I am pretty much going to use the introduction cheat sheet word for word btw.

    I am a all A high school student who takes all honors and AP classes, which makes a little accidentally condescending at times, I am a huge gamer and love to play Roms on my Laptop.

    I wanted to join this site because I am a teen baby diaper lover and I really want to talk to people who love diapers too, I never get too in real life.

    I am a techy, a gamer, an obsessive compulsive disorder control freak, I love to write stories but I am not good at it lol. I play games all the time and am I in the process of learning c++ programming to make my own scientific calculator for class. I am interested in learning anything that I can, I take as many honors and AP classes possible so I can get into college easier. I am super happy to have a community of people to be able to talk to about this stuff now.

    I am just looking for a place to talk to people who abdls like me, I have never been able to before in my entire life and it makes very happy to be able to now.

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    Well, that's what that cheat sheet is for :P You have a lot of neat stuff you like to do. C++ is hard stuff, and I'm still trying to learn it myself. Have you had much success with it? I personally think I'm going to switch to Perl.... What kind of games do you play? Ever try Minecraft?

    Well, welcome to adisc, acmorgan. We're glad to have you!

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    I have had no success with C++, but the science calculator I am making is for a project, if I don't makeit I get a zero on two test grades, so I have to find a way to understand it more/ try harder lol. I think my favorite games to play are rpgs and any game with Mario in it, I also love retro games like Megaman X, super mario all stars, etc.

    Thanks for the warm welcoming!

    P.S. Oh sorry I thought you meant a different game then minecraft, I was being stupid. I have never tried minecraft, but I might now.
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