Ah, yes. Love. A splendid thing, no? Well, what about when you and your partner are both TB/AB/DL or BF? What do you tend to do? Generally, I've had a few things happen. BUT! My boyfriend is all the way across the country! So how does baby and age-play work out without actual physical contact? Let's take a look at what one can do.

For one, there's the idea of rules. I know that at times; my boyfriend or other friends that baby me via xbox, skype or other online means tend to make rules for me. These rules can be interesting, fun, but sometimes hard to follow. For example; one rule is that I'm not allowed to use th potty while I'm in a diaper. This can be a big problem at times; so I'll have to ask if I can use the potty. If it's serious, I usually get to go. Other rules are:

No big boy talk

No big boy games

No big boy shows

No clothes over my diaper unless it's a sleeper

I must take a nap

And others. These rules can be a fun and interesting way to do ageplay over the computer; without having any actual contact (physical) with my significant other. What do you guys do IRL for babying that involves someone else?