Went to my Grandmothers house with my mom and sister. I haven't seen my Grandmother in over 4 years and it was so nice to see her. My mom just had surgery so she couldn't drive so I ended up having to do all the driving all weekend witch was fine but was nerve racking to start off with because we took her brand new maxima witch I've never driven. Shes also a really bad passenger she freaks out and is hard to deal with when someone else is driving.

But the real stress was from the fact its the first time I've been around my family since I've had to start wearing 24/7. My mom and sister both know all about it but no one else in the family knows. After the 3 hour ride we got to my Grandmothers house and we got there first. After greeting my Grandmother and Grandpa we all sat down and I told her what was going on. My grandmother told me I could use her room and restroom any time I needed it. She told me no one is allowed in her room at all and I could keep my supplies in there so no one would find it. She told me she could tell I was nervous and told me not to be.

After a few hours the family had all arrived and I couldn't muster up the courage to hug anyone. I was so nervous I was shaking. My grandma noticed and sat down next to me and told me it was ok and to relax. She made it so much better. I tried but I could tell the family could tell something was wrong with me. Everyone keep asking me if I was alright and I told them I was fine but not feeling to good. Due to all the stress my stomach was acting up and I couldn't eat.

I hung out with my younger cousin in the back of the house and we played xbox all night on Wed. Thursday was a bit better and I was up and moving around with the family but was still really nervous about someone noticing them or hearing them. I've never been so nervous before. My stomach was still pretty upset and couldn't eat to much Thursday and it sucked because I really wanted to eat and hang out with the family.

All of the family went home Thursday night and we stayed. I ended up having a long talk with my Grandmother about my situation. She was so nice.

We left around 3pm this afternoon and the drive was pretty good and we made great time. I'm finally back home and I'm really enjoying the piece and quiet. I don't think I've ever been that stressed out in my entire life and in a month I have to do it all over again with my dads family. Wow I can't wait... Good thing is there only 1 hour way and I won't be staying overnight.

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving?