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Thread: Nappies in the UK

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    Default Nappies in the UK

    Hello everyone,
    I'm sorry if this has come up before but I have tried to find some othe threads but can't do.

    I have only ever worn drynites before and now want to try some adult sized nappies.

    I am not entirely sure where to go, I have looked in some supermarkets but can't find any. Can anyone recommend a supermarket in the UK which has a good brand of diapers/nappies?

    I have seen Tena Pants available but I have heard bad things about these, it this true?

    Thank you very much xxxxx

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    In the UK you're either limited to Online, or specialist medical supply stores. If online isn't an option then I suggest getting out google maps and searching in your area for medical supply stores, disability/mobility places and the like. Then get on the phone, ask what they stock etc etc. Then make your way over . What you want Ideally is Tena maxi, Molicare Super plus, Abena x-plus, or euron super-plus all good brands to try .

    If you can order online, then I recommend Nursing Suppliers | Nursing Home Supplies or

    Supermarkets just don't sell anything about tena pants, there's not really a market there for the high end nappies.

    Good luck!

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    Unfortunately, as far as I know there aren't any UK supermarkets which sell adult nappies. If you live next to an exceptionally large supermarket then you may want to have a look, but I haven't ever seen any I'm afraid. The best you can probably hope to get are the Tena Pants - the tena pants discreet are awful, but pants plus or super aren't so bad. However, if drynites/underjams fit you then they are cheaper and of a similar absorbency so I wouldn't really recommend the pants unless you need a larger size than drynites.

    If you want to find adult sized nappies then there may be some places in your town that sell them. Some large pharmacies sell them, although in my experience not very many. But it is worth looking in any pharmacy nearby to you - I have seen them in a couple of really small pharmacies before. If they don't have nappies in stock they may be able to order some in for you. The place you are most likely to find them in the UK though, in my experience at least, are shops which sell mobility aids for the elderly and disabled. These shops are often called something like 'care and mobility centre' or 'independent living store' and at first glance usually just look to be selling wheelchairs etc, but if you go in then they will often have nappies and other continence aides available in store. They are often outside of the town centre so you may want to run a google search or look in the yellow pages to find any in your area.

    Unfortunately though it is difficult to find good adult nappies for sale in the UK (truly incontinent people are usually supplied their nappies by the NHS, hence why there isn't the public demand for them to be readily available in supermarkets) and your best bet is to order online. You might also want to try some free samples, I know Tena and Attends both offer free samples from their websites. If you are able to order individual nappies, but can't risk a whole package then you may also want to look at this ebay seller, who sells individual nappies for just 99p, and they are shipped very discreetly. choiceshopsltd items - Get great deals on Health Beauty, Home Garden items on eBay UK!

    Good luck getting nappies

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    On a holiday to London, I found that john bell and croydon was a good place to pick up nappies. The nappy aisle is in a quiet corner, so you can browse without being disturbed. Then grab a pack of tenas and sheepishly take them to a checkout.
    Worked for me.

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    I was in London last spring for a short stop and looked at many different groceries and drug-stores for diapers; no dice.
    Loopy is right: I could find nothing except cheap pull on style diapers - and then those were rare - I think I saw some out at one big Walmart (can't remember what it was called) type store in the suburbs [Watford area].
    Even the stores that I visited which called themselves 'medical supply' (or similar) stores, had no selection whatsoever.

    I of course don't live there but that was my experience in London after having made a valiant effort.

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    its because in the UK we have the national health service so stuff like nappies are supplied if need! its so annoying lol

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    Yea, damn annoying NHS, free god damn health care for those that need it! Screw those guys right? I want to be able to buy nappies in a shop!

    Again, there are shops out there that sell em. John bell and Croydon in London being one (and easy to get to for Londoners. I know of a couple near wear I live in Berkshire.... and pretty sure you can find at least one store in each major town in the UK. You just have to go and look, and ring them to find out :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timby View Post
    The nappy aisle is in a quiet corner, so you can browse without being disturbed. Then grab a pack of tenas and sheepishly take them to a checkout.
    Tell them they need to have a single little checkout hidden over there with their nappies, staffed by some distracted gal that rings you up and ignores you for the rest of the time.

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    pharmacies sell some good diapers , and i belive boots sell adult diapers

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    Crazy thing is, if you get on the Euroshuttle for a day shopping in Calais, all the big French hypermarkets have them, and so do pretty well all the pharmacies.

    The bigger branches of Boots are an answer - of sorts - but the better way is to go to an online supplier; more particularly because the nappies Boots sell are not designed to cover much of you, and really you need plastic pants to go over them (and the ones you occasionally see in Boots are very poor quality).

    Of course, all of this assumes you want disposables - if you want cloth nappies, I think you have to buy online (do JB&C sell cloth nappies?)



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