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Thread: New Look Luvs?

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    Default New Look Luvs?

    Has anyone seen these in stores yet? I saw a pack of them in size 5 at Target today, but all of their other sizes, including six which I get obviously, were of the current style. Thought about picking them up just to check them out, but figured why waste the money on something that won't fit me.

    Anyone seen these in other stores? They look neat with the monkey. I hope they're just as stretchy and can still fit.

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    if you can still fit into Luvs I am INCREDIBLY jealous :P

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    You can fit into toddlers sizes? Must have an incredibly good workout routine.

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    I'm one of the few lucky ones that can get into a luvs size 6 pretty easily. I plan to go out and get an economy size box of luvs when I get my license and car next month. If I see any changes I'll let you guys know!

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