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Thread: What games did you get on Black Friday?

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    Default What games did you get on Black Friday?

    I got some things on steam here are my purchases.

    Defense Grid The awakening- $2.50
    The Indie Story pack for -$5 with the following games
    And Yet It Moves
    Gish (had it once before)
    Puzzle Agent
    Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
    Jolly Rover

    The indie Clever Pack for $5
    Doc Clock The toasted Sandwhich of time
    Iron Grip Warlod
    World of Goo (already had it twice before)

    I also got on Amazon
    KH:BBS- PSP $20
    God Of War Collection-$10
    Star wars TFU-$10

    So Overall 15 games for $55 Not bad and all from staying home in bed! BTW The ones I got on Amazon where the ones I was keeping an eye on so I did plan to buy them. The ones on steam are impulse buys tough.... But I feel supporting indie devs like this is worth it since it's waht I want to do plus it's pretty awesome games! I love audio surf and Iron Grip.... XD

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    Eh, just one game. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. It's not the best, the original was way better, but I like the series.

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    I got audiosurf as well . That's it though. I brought all the games I wanted on steam during the summer sales :P

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    TMNT - Turtles in Time Reshelled
    Greed Corp
    Zombie Apocolypse

    Don't let the lack of knowledge of Greed Corp scare you away from it. That's actually the best of the three games I picked up on the XBox Live Arcade's Black Friday special list. I already owned everything else on the list that interested me.

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    Machinarium for $5
    Alpha Protocol for $7.50

    thats it for the moment xD, haven't really seen anything else that is "must have" for me. Been thinking about getting Syberia since its like $4 though

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    Red Steel 2 with Wii motion plus for 10 dollars at wal-mart.

    They were supposed to only sell the game itself, not the bundle version.. so I was like.. score.

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    To my knowledge black Friday isn't that big of a deal in Canada (if it is its been hidden from me...), except for those that do cross border shopping, so I didn't go to any store. I did buy Portals: Still Alive (even tough I already own The Orange Box) and Greed Corp off XBLA, but that's all.

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