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    Default hi all

    hi all

    i never know what to say here

    i'm a dl from england im 22 x

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    Hi Tinkersminkers,

    Welcome to ADISC

    I like your name, does it mean anything? It sounds cool, like the name of a kids cartoon character or something

    Anyway, it's great to have someone else from the UK join us here. You'd probably be surprised just how many of us there are! Your introduction thread could be a really great place to get chatting to a few of us and begin to make some friends, so you may wish to tell us a bit more about yourself. Outside of diapers what kind of stuff do you like doing, do you have an interesting hobbies or anything? It's always easier to get chatting when you find some common ground. There is a good guide to writing an intro you might like to check out which can be found here:

    Look forward to hearing more from you

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    hi babyjess

    tinkers is my nick name and i'm a little minx

    well i'm really into sport i run alot, and i'm abit of a film buff :P, i no there are probably more of us in the uk than i think would be nice to get to know some of them. i'm more of a dl or the mommy side of thing than anythink else.

    if anyone got any question go ahead and ask

    thanx for the ryply x

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    Hey, and welcome to the forums. I know it's sometimes hard to think of things to say, so onward with the questions. > : D
    You like movies? What's your favourite genre of films, and what's your favourite single movie of all time?

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    i love blood diamond i find something new to find interesting every time i watch it!! but i do like the blind side and i also adore the Christmas shoes. i dont no what genre of film i like so many far to hard for me x

    what is your fav movie? and what your fav genre?

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    Probably the Princess Bride. My favourite genre would have to be scifi, I think.

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    Welcome to Adisc, nice to see another DL from the UK.

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