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Thread: Black friday, is it worth it?

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    Default Black friday, is it worth it?

    It is now currently 4 in the morning over here in Iowa, so I thought I would ask a question to those like me who get up. 1. how early do you get up? 2. how bad is it where you live? 3. Was it reallly worth your time?

    For me, I am going around 4:20 or so but I got up at 3:50. It's pretty bad where I live, but I am sure it's worse somewhere else. But it's funny what these people are all willing to do to get something. And for me, it's worth it to see all these people make such a big deal over stuff. I bring money just in case because I never know what I could find. So if you are reading this 4 or 5 hours from now, we will know who was up.

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    get up? I didn't go to sleep :P
    as for whether or not it was worth it, I'm not entirely sure... shopping is fun though ^.^
    honestly, I'm not even sure if I'm expecting deals on anything I want XD the concept is just kool... a day where you shop...

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    Black Friday to me isn't really about the deals or anything its more just about the exciting atmosphere and a sign that the holidays are here. Plus you never know what deals might actually catch your eye or what funny fights might happen.

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    It's totally worth it to me. I had just over 48 dollars and I managed to get some good presents for my kiddies.

    I went to ToysRUs at 9pm and by 1am I was out the door with 34 dollars of Littlest Pet Shop animals for 13.58. 64 pack of Crayola Crayons free (they were out of coloring books by the time I checked out). Mama Kitty Lulu (Furreal) 24 dollars (normally 45-50).

    Then I went to Walmart and bought one of the Walking Kitten Furreals for 10 dollars even (normally 20).

    Instead of shopping tomorrow (well later today after I sleep) in the morning, I am going to go to Harry Potter with the oldest kiddie and one of my friends and her boyfriend. But for breakfast we are having yummy Teriaki Chicken over fried rice with vegitables. After I clean the house for a few hours I am gonna crash or something for a few hours before Potter.

    If only I had more money I could have got some other great deals too. I also didn't buy one thing for myself, which is pretty strange for me. I don't know if I can get out of ToysRUs without buying something. *giggles*

    The most interesting thing that happened was close to the opening at 10pm for ToysRUs. 4 teenage girls tried to skip the over 1-2 hour long line and rush into the store. A few seconds later 2 uniformed officers went running in after them lol. Oh and the other thing that was interesting to me is that there were more people in that toy store and in the line outside it, than there are in my town lol.
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    I've never understood Black Friday. I guess its the ultimate expression of capitalism. Fighting to buy crap that no one needs.

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    My brand new 40 inch 1080P tv says its worth it XD omg i had to go to three different targets and i still didn't get the one i was looking for and i even got up at 230

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't celebrate Christmas. I don't buy Christmas presents. I have, shall we say, a rather distant relationship with most of my family. So I haven't even received a Christmas card in a decade or so. For Yule, I just have a nice party with some of my Wiccan/Pagan friends and we have an evening of good food and good drinks and have a fun time. The heck with Christmas and the heck with Black Friday.

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    I actually worked at Target during one Black Friday.

    That experience totally sucked.

    Well, that job sucked in general, but that day sucked in particular.

    I would rather not hit the stores on Black Friday. Sadly, today I have to go out to purchase groceries. Here's to hoping the local grocery store is not as jam-packed as the likes of Target today.

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    It was BLack Friday for me because I didn't get a seat on the train home from work and had to stand 2 hours. So definitely a black day!

    The good thing is: I haven't spent a single penny today. But then, there's no Thanksgiving here, so it's just another day.

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    Black Friday is great if you're in the market for big-ticket items and you have a relatively normal budget (which is to say that you're not rich enough to be above standing outside for several hours to save >$50).

    Black Friday is also great if you're a college student looking for smaller items, because you have a tight budget and waiting for several hours to save <$50 is reasonable for you.

    If your time is valuable and you're not in the market for items on which the deals are worthwhile, then Black Friday isn't a big deal. Moreover, Cyber Monday is just around the corner and you can shop then from the comfort of your office chair.

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