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Thread: Steam games Whats your fav game?

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    Post Steam games Whats your fav game?

    Well prettymuch the title says all :P what is your fav steam game? can be a list or 1 game :P

    i have a few but after all i love garys mod

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    Steam as in a game on Steam, or a game by/based on a game by Valve?

    Guessing the 2nd, which for me would likely be Left 4 Dead 2 or Day of Defeat: Source

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    Borderlands. Its just... great.

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    Riccochet or Counter Strike, or as i like to call it now, Camper Strike

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    This really needs clarification. Steam is a platform on which nearly all modern games are now available for purchase. As the question has been asked, I'd probably answer Mass Effect 2, even though that game has nothing whatsoever to do with Valve.

    Best Valve game? Probably Portal. On first play-through, one of the Half-Life 2 games (or maybe even Half-Life) was probably more enjoyable to me, but if I had to pick up a Valve game now after having beaten all that I have multiple times, it would be Portal.

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    Borderlands, TF2, Gmod, Burnout Paradise, L4D2.

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