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    The clock just turned 2:39 here. And I am wide awake. Why? Not because it is a holiday, but because sometimes, when things fall off the bus, they don't arrive on time. and when they do, there is a chance that they're broken.

    To elaborate, there is a fantastic show that I highly recommend; its called Misfits, and it features 5 teens in community service who acquire super powers. They deal with this new found super drama as well as their personal lives in sassy, inappropriate humor. Their catch phrase, honest to god, is "What a prick." It also features a character named nathan, one of the single funniest characters of all time.

    So why is it this show is giving me problems tonight? Why have you never heard of it? Why don't I understand what the characters are saying 10% of the time?

    It's British.

    And not that high quality BBC Doctor Who type British. It's on Channel 4. Before this show I didn't even know there were channels in the UK that didn't start with the name "BBC"

    Being on this lesser known channel, it is EXTREMELY hard to come by online. I myself found out about the show this passed weekend, and was caught up in time for today (yesterday)'s episode.

    It airs at 10pm, okay? I have a london clock on my dashboard for Doctor Who and Merlin. an hour after it was supposed to have aired, the countdown was on.

    This time however, there was something strange going on. I couldn't find it anywhere. After eventually finding a place, I had to wait an hour to actually download the file so I could watch it once and then delete it. I do that with Merlin every week, but being home with a less strained internet connection, I assumed streaming it would do just fine. I streamed the other episodes just fine.

    When my hour was up, I was finally reminded why British TV is just plain better. They only do about 6 episodes per season over there, but manage to cram 26 episodes worth of awesomeness into them. Like flcl, you know?

    14 minutes in, a major plot point was revealed. "Whoa," I said. Followed by, "What the hell?"

    I recently watched the live action adaptations of Death Note, the end theme of which is Dani California, a song so out of place I checked to make sure my iTunes wasn't acting up.

    This was a similar situation. After the big reveal, a trailer for Sweeney todd begins to play. "What the hell?" I asked.

    It's everywhere. every version I could find online, they all had this same weird issue. After an hour (or two. whatever.) I eventually found a good link and I'm still in the middle of it by way of megavideo's b.s. limit.

    The summary of my rant: there is a show out there called Misfits. You should give it a look.

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    Yea... so im japanese and im the first one to admit we got anime down 100% but we cant make a movie even if we made a badass anime about it... we will find a way to screw it up... like deathnote... always find a way to screw it up....

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    I saw the trailer for the new series of this, and thought it looked pretty good, but I am yet to watch it. Channel 4 put almost all of their programmes up on their website where you can watch them for at least the next 30 days, usually though things seem to stay there forever. I guess for this reason I just don't really bother to watch anything when it's on! Channel 4 - 4oD

    (Oh, and channel 4 is my favourite British channel! It shows all the good stuff, and is probably the most popular channel with teens and young adults.)

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    Of course, 4od is also on youtube Don't know if you guys can get it in the states...

    And yes, oh god yes at the small season sizes. It seems American shows are way way over done, in terms of length of the season, which results in quite a few boring filler episodes, even in a good show. Whilst the condensed size of a series in the UK means more time and effort is spent on each episode, resulting in some truly awesome shows. Remember, Fawlty towers only ran for 12 episodes, and is considered to be an iconic example of UK comedy.

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    Unfortunately there are region locks on official website. I can't even watch canadian stuff.

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    I'm thankful for torrents! I'm grabbing season 1 now.

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