I am looking for willing partners to play through the Gears of War games with me on XBox Live. First through Hardcore to sharpen my skills (I made it through most of the first game on Hardcore with my cousin, who kept on getting us killed near the beginning of Act IV by insisting on pulling out his Longshot for close-range combat - I gave up on playing with him after two hours of that)..... Then on Insane to nab the achievements.

After that, I would be interested in mutually boosting the multiplayer achievements, if anybody else is interested in cheating their way to a greater gamerscore, let me know. If there is some gamerscore you are missing on these games, let me know, and let's get together to remedy that situation.

Most of all, let's have fun while doing it.

If there are any takers, let me know here. Or send me a PM. Either way will work.