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    Welcome to the site...How about telling a little about yourself?

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    Aloha, OneMoreMan.

    Like Pojo said please share a little more information about yourself even it seems unnecessary, hobbies, interests?

    Makes it much easier to make friends / acquaintances if you share a common interest.

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    Okay. Well, I am sort of into playing videogames such as on ps3 and PC. But I also like making my own games on programs like flash. And have only worked with 2D games.
    I am not sure if I am truly a DL or if I am just curious since it has only just started to peak my interest. Nothing has happened yet, though I have thought about possibly doing something in the future.
    I like some sports like basketball, badminton, etc. though most would probably classify me as a geek/nerd (most of the time nerd).
    Ha. A bit about me

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    Don't know if you are a DL...hmm, maybe you should try out a diaper and see if you like it

    Jk, or not...

    Anyway, PC games? Like CS? Because I love CS, best game ever, or Quake, both awesome. And if you make games, you are cool in my book dude, don't mark yourself as a jerk already :] I hope I can test try one of them some time, that would be awesome!!!

    Umm, anyway, it was nice to meet you. Don't lurk, this is a really cool place, and you are sure to make tons of friends.


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    hmmm.. we should have a cs contest... I absolutely pwn on awp_map.

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    Welcome! Could you link us to some examples of your games? I'd really like to see one of them. ^_^

    Great to have another 'nerd' with us, makes at LEAST the two of us. <3

    Hope you have fun!

    E404~ <3

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    Ha. I haven't made any good games yet, But I will keep in touch for when I do

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    Matrix Blade


    welcome. I've tried before at programming, but I need a longer attention span first. lol. Anyways post around some more so we can know you better.

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