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Thread: Newbie intro

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    Smile Newbie intro

    Hey peoples,

    I'm the new guy on your forum. I'm in my late 20's and living in South Carolina. I'm a southerner at heart - i.e. drink sweet tea 365 days a year, saying (and even typing) "y'all", use my toes to count, the whole 9 yards.

    I'm a DL. I enjoy simply wearing diapers. I'm married and have a great wife of 4 years who likes the fetish...on me, that is. She doesn't wear them. I'm not really into the AB lifestyle but I can't say that I haven't experienced it as there are some aspects that I find enjoyable.

    I'm really excited to have found this forum. I've searched for a place to be able to talk to others with similar diaper interests but are also "real" people. I can honestly say that I can't wait to interact with the people here. From reading other postings I feel like there are real people here who have lives outside their diaper interests.

    As for my personality goes: I love laughing and appreciate a good sense of humor. I play the Xbox360 during my free time (if I ever find any free time). I'm a huge movie fan and currently addicted to Netflix.
    Right now work is taking over my time I'm the station manager for one of the three major courier/delivery companies (DHL, FedEx, UPS). Its the driving part I like, cruising down the road with my iPod in between delivery stops. I'm a metal head. Love the heavy metal music. I'm always up for new metal suggestions.

    I think I'm rambling. Thats it for my intro.

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    Welcome to the site. It's good to have people join but I think it's particularly nice to see people who have managed to work this successfully into relationships. Points to you and your wife for doing so and I hope it continues to bring you both enjoyment in the context of the overall give and take of your relationship.

    I hope you'll find this community to your liking. I agree with you about the tone of the place; it's what drew me here as well. I spent a long time being quietly horrified by most of what I saw online from others in the larger ABDL community. This was the first place that seemed to have some kind of balance that suited me. Guess it takes all kinds
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    Welcome Mikescreename,

    Great intro and post. I think from what you have said about yourself that you will like it here. I am a newbie of only about a week now, but I have found this to be an amazing site that as you said, "there are real people here".

    Prior to my arriving at this site, I was typically offended by what I saw on most other sites as it portrayed the AB/DL lifestyle in a way that is not me. I'm not knocking this against others who may be into that kind of thing, but it just wasn't me. I've said this already a few times on a few other posts (so others please forgive me), but it seems like the ADISC site is a place that feels like "home".

    Glad to see someone else that says Y'all. I'm not from the south, and mine is more like Ya all --as in "Ya all come back now, ya here?" (western style).

    Heavy metal eh? Def Leppard is my favorite!

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    Well hello from just across the boarder.
    If you are familiar with the Grover NC / Blacksburg SC area just up from Gaffney SC. That is where I reside.

    Welcome to the group, I think you'll find a great community here as long as you follow the rules.

    Otherwise, well ...

    PS As for metal ever listen to Demon Hunter

    or Tourniquet

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    Hello, and welcome from the west coast!

    I hope you find ADISC as enjoyable as I do, and I hope to see you around.

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    PS Be thankful for that job, I would nearly kill to have a job that would allow my son and me to move out of my mother's house.
    Had a good work history for over a decade, got laid off then fired, and now can't find anything meaningful.

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    Welcome to the site and great introduction. Isn't it interesting that most of us are like minded, in that we were repulsed by the many other sites. ADISC is the one breath of sanity in what most would call an extremely odd activity.

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    Thanks for the welcoming yall. I appreciate it greatly! @ Khaymen - Demon Hunter ROCKS! Thats right up my ally! I've got all their stuff. I'll check out Tourniquet - As for some of my favs, Impending Doom, Zao, A Plea For Purging, Thy Will Be Done, and As I Lay Dying.

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    Welcome! I'm Scritcher, or Syd. I hope that you enjoy your stay here!
    I enjoy music and movies, too. What are your favorite genres of movies? Mine is animated. (:

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    I'm more the action type of movies - ie, 300, Boondock Saints, the new Star Trek, The Protector, Ninja Assassin....yeah, the violent stuff

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