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Thread: My mom just bought me footed pajamas

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    Default My mom just bought me footed pajamas

    So a package just arrived and I asked my mom what it was. A little while later she told me to open it - and voila, the big feet pj's. They are size large and way too huge. These are my first pair ever & it's kind of neat my mom bought me something like this.

    A question to any and all footed pajama owners - will they shrink a lot after many washes? They are comfortable, but I feel like they are a somewhat of a joke (in the sense of ageplay).

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    Polar fleece does not shrink much. If you have flannel they could if you wash them wrong but it's not a reliable way to re-size stuff.

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    Neither my polar fleece pair from JumpinJammerz nor my bunny pair from Target shrunk (which is good in my case lol) If they are so large to are afraid of tripping on them, most places will exchange, you just have to pay shipping again, so another $10 or so?

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