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    Smile Hello everyone

    Thought it was about time I introduced myself, since I've been a member for a few days but haven't had the chance till now. I'm from Ontario Canada and I'm a DL. I've always had an attraction to diapers but have only just recently been able to expolore the DL part of me. I'm in diapers most of the time when I'm home. Even though it's a lot easier to wear diapers out rather than going through the hasstle of trying to find a public bathroom, I don't do it very often because I'm so paranoid about somebody finding out, it's something I'm still working on though.

    Even though I love wearing and using diapers, I still don't fully 'get' why I am the way I am so I'm hoping to gain more understanding, some support and perhaps make a few online friends.

    As for my other interests, I love music (50's and 60's rock and pop up till todays stuff), reading (mostly thriller and biography's, although I love reading DL stories too lol). I spend alot of time playing online games on one site I always go to (not sure if can mention it so I won't right now) and I'm also a Star Trek fan. I am currently between jobs but usually work in the customer service field. All for now, take care everyone.

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    Welcome Trev156, I'm pretty new to adisc myself. So far it has great! It is awesome to share experiences and talk to others with the same interests and AB/DL desires.

    As per wearing diapers in public, I don't worry about it if I am going somewhere where it is noisy and you can't hear the crinkle.

    Hope you have a great time here.

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