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Thread: Sleeping

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    Default Sleeping

    So I just slept for 14 of the past 18hrs

    Idk what the point of this thread is though

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    Is this my wife? lol

    She loooooves her sleep. I barely sleep 7 hours a night, if I'm lucky.

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    i slept 13 last night sometimes i sleep way more.. dont think i've gone past 25 hours though

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    I kinda love my sleep way to much but my boyfriend likes so get up early so my body is kinda getting used to him waking me up now... God I do miss my sleep And my lay in's xxx

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    I am not a morning person, on weekends i usually sleep in till 10, if you try to get me up any sooner "I kill you!"

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    My max is 12 hours. I share a room with my little brother, so he can be annoying when trying to sleep.

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    I love sleeping in to like noon, and going to bed late, for like 12 hours of sleep

    but on the weekdays due to HW and 0 Period I normally sleep from 12 or 1 untill 6 for 5 or 6 hours. Def. Not enough but whatever.

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    I have not been sleeping well lately :/ I envy you!
    I used to sleep for twelve hours a night... now, no matter what time I go to bed, I wake up in about eight

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    not sleeping enough these days T_T

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