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Thread: the drums of war sound once again.

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    I heard about this on the news this morning, I'm actually getting worried about potential problems (such as China siding with NK, causing USA to side with SK)

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    I'm not so sure that China would side with North Korea on this one. The Chinese have already admitted their disapproval of the provocation from Pyongyang. So have Japan and Russia, for that matter.

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    if it wernt for the fact that it would be so bloody to civilians. id be excited at the prospect of some action.

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    A lot of very rich people are going to be made even richer by this. I think we can all agree that's good for the world.

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    as long as noone pulls a nuke and NK govt is flattened, im happy.

    THAT would be something good for the world.

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    I really hope there isn't a war. If there is the UK will be sucked in along side (as we always seem to be when the US goes off on one). And we can't afford another war, neither in terms of money or manpower.

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    aye thats true as well. australia i think, good troops, but needs to figure out its own bearings,
    not to mention seol will be flattened if NK decides to open up on the capital, theyve got every cannon they have trained on the capital, and seol s so close to the DMZ they can actually hit it from there.

    anyone wanna help reenact a asian tradition and ninja sneak upto the NK artillery to sabotage it?

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    C'mon folks, the crazy midget does something like this every few months. Usually he's trying to shake us down for something. Hillary will sign up for some kind of trade deal, or have the CIA smuggle him a couple cases of fresh porn and everything will settle down.

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    China will not side with NK. Simply because they have far too much invested in business contracts involving other countries that don't like NK. If anything China will probably pretend to not know NK and attempt to play a neutral stance. We can decide to pull out of China just as easily as China can do the same us (at which will actually be very hard, if not impossible). We will just end up pissing off Wal-mart in the end (and it's large consumer base too). If we stop paying China, China will not send us anymore cheap crap. If they can't sell us cheap crap, who are they gonna sell it too? NK certainly can't fill that void ("Why won't missile work? It broken. Oh yeah, it made in China; that's why.").

    China may own the drinking hole, but we don't have to drink from it (but we do anyway since most of us can't stand to NOT drink from it.)

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