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    (sorry if this is in the wrong category)
    okay, i was at boxing practice on Saturday, and i was boxing with my friend Aaron, and then he punched me in the abdomen pretty hard, and i passed out (weird i know) and next thing i know, there's cold water on my face and i come to. Aaron's helping me up and repeatedly apologizing. coach let me go home early. anyway, the thing is I've been getting sudden weird pains where i got punched, followed by a sudden urge to go to the bathroom even if i didn't have to before. my mom scheduled an appointment with the doctor, but I'm still pretty nervous, anything to help me relax and stop worrying, and any ideas to what it might be will be much appreciated.

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    I would guess that you probably bruised the area around and including your bladder. It should get better as the week goes by. If there is any blood in your pee, then make sure you see the doctor right away.

    Hope you feel better.

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    I think that is a question best answered by the doctor. always better safe than sorry, and you dont want to mess around with your health.
    That being said, the body is an amazing machine, and so long as it isn't getting worse (or blood in urine as mentioned above), you will probably be fine.

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    Yeah, my best guess is that his punch affected your bladder and made it cramp. You're most likely fine, unless there's blood in your urine.

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    yeah, there hasn't really been any blood, and if that many people are saying the same thing, that's most likely it.
    thanks for all the helpful replies guys!

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