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Thread: Best all in one diapers? And how do you wash some of these?

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    Default Best all in one diapers? And how do you wash some of these?

    Alright thinking about buying a Cloth diaper to mess around and have fun. But well I have no idea about them. I don't plan on messing it whatsoever. so when I wet them... I mean do you like just wash them with your regular clothes or what? I'm very curious about this ya know? I want one of them all in one ones so I don't need plastic pants. But yeah any tips on them would be awesome.

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    I bought a kids' one today which didn't fit, but the material was so soft and fluffy that I want to find an adult equivalent, preferably something with fun prints...

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    I've kind of been looking for these as well - do tell if you have found something high quality from a reputable seller.

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    AIOs SUCK! Sorry but if it seems to good to be true it's false. Every all in one I've tried has let me down right away or after a wash or two. Better to go cloth with plastic overpants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LGstephy View Post
    China makes the best cloth diapers ^.^ here are the ones I recommend...

    eBay My World - fuubuu-cn

    eBay My World - nicediaper-com
    That is such a fucking lie it's not even funny! The nice diaper stuff is complete fucking rubbish that will last roughly three washes before it starts to fall apart.

    I have to agree with an earlier poster that said that proper cloth with plastic pants over them is the only way to go. The trouble with AIOs is that you're more limited on how thick you can make them, so they don't hold enough, and then washing and drying them is a bitch.

    As far as washing them, or any other cloth diapers, do them as their own load of laundry. If you wash urine-soaked materials with regular clothes, the regular clothes will wind up with a bit of residue, and therefore a bit of urine smell. Even with a great washer, cloth diapers occasionally have to be "stripped", which is rewashed a couple of times because over time, they build up detergent and urine residues that eventually create odours and a bit of discomfort. With AIOs, you probably need to wash them on cold wash and cold rinse, as plastic pants don't do well in hot water. With regular cloth, you can wash them on hot if you feel they might need to be sterilised. Use a minimal amount of detergent, and use an extra rinse. If you notice a funky smell the next time you wet them, when you wash again, wash them normally, then wash them for another full cycle with no detergent to strip them.

    But seriously, don't bother with AIOs. Instead, do proper cloth with plastic pants and learn to fold them to get the perfect diaper.

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    I have to agree about wearing cloth and plastic pants. That's what I wear. You can't put plastic pants in the dryer, so drying the all in one should be on a line, and that will take a long time. With cloth, I rinse them out when I take my shower in the morning. Those I collect until the end of the week and then wash together as one load in the washing machine. Then they go into the dryer. The plastic pants I wash separately in the shower with dish washing detergent. Then I rinse them in the shower four times turning them inside out again and again. Those I hang up to dry which takes about 24 hours. It's a lot more work than taking an OiO and throwing it into the washing machine, but my diapers have lasted for years, and I get several months out of the plastic pants.

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    @[email protected] Well then all that works will be difficult to do in my house discreetly then. So thanks for the advice glad I didn't waste my money. Thing is I'm going to get into the habit of taking care of the laundry at home. SO I was buying some onesies and to wash my boy undies. So yeah I figured why not try cloth diaper. I mean I'm planning on using them lightly. One qetting enjoy it and then wash them or something ya know? But yeah thanks for the advice I"ll wait till I live on my own to invest in those types of diapers.

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    Babykins has a nice AIO with a waterproof nylon outside. It will hold some wetting, but you might want to think about a doubler.

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    Obviously you have bad luck all my cloth and AIO diapers come from them and I have been satisfied.

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