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Thread: PMS As... a legal defence? *_*

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    Default PMS As... a legal defence? *_*

    Heres a funny one, heck im a girl and i still had to have some giggle time for this one...

    So, i was chatting with my nurse this morning and somehow we reached the topic of PMS... as a legal defence... which hopefully had nothing to do with being in them iddle of getting changed at the time *akward*

    AAAAAAAAAANYhoo... it brings a rather funny point.. im no law genious but apparently.... agression during PMS causing criminal attacks can be a defence legally and used as a "Migitating factor" on your sentance... as in it makes it less.

    Amazingly, Its been successfully used in multiple ocasions in.... Canada, the US, and the UK. =o




    Silly one liners that will make me laugh?

    funny PMS pictures? lol :P Im up for whatever, humor me.

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    I think it's horrible to use PMS as a defense. First of all, men also experience hormonal fluctuations that are similar to PMS, yet we don't hear a whole lot about it. Instead, PMS is used as a tool to keep women 'in their place' and I think any woman who tries to claim PMS as a defense is outright saying "well, being a woman makes me at least somewhat insane."
    If women are allowed to use PMS as a defense, people have good cause to question whether or not a woman can run a country or do other things that are considered 'mascuine'.

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    Mmmm... we studied this in sociology. It just depends which way you look at it.

    At the end of the day, some women *do* suffer excruciating pains and sickness every month, and that would make me, personally, crabby. Is that an excuse for murdering your spouse because he cut the carrots into sticks instead of rounds? I don't think so.

    No one can argue that being subjected to extreme discomfort every month for a week just because your a women is fair, it's not, but that's not necessarily a reason to go mental.

    It's an odd one!

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    This is an atrocious idea and one of the many things that makes me completely disconnect from being female.
    Like Green said, it's something so that uncomfortable men don't have to take women seriously. Awww she's angry, she must be going through her [whisper] *monthlies*. Being passionate or strongheaded about anything isn't "normal".

    Though, it's never going to go away as long as people keep accepting it and using it as a defense. I've seen women use this natural purifying function as an excuse to be an irritating dipshit, and it makes me want to pummel the hell out of them - they deserve it, especially when it's come to THIS: A new law dictating that women must be treated as children, incapable of making their own decisions because of their hormones.

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