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Thread: An Awesome Winter Convenience

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    Default An Awesome Winter Convenience

    My favorite part of winter (well, one of many) is wearing snow pants. Why? Very easy to conceal diapers.

    I own a pair of Burton snowboarding pants that are very comfortable. I just wear boxers and a diaper underneath and it's pretty awesome. Also if it gets too warm I just unzip the leg vents a bit. ; )

    Anyone else use this to their advantage?

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    Yup, I do exactly the same. Snowboarding pants FTW!

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    I live east of the Great Dividing Rage in Australia so in our version of winter it can sometimes be to warm to wear track pants.

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    I had snowpants for the longest time but outgrew them. Never got another pair, and never had diapers while my old pair still fit.
    It is an interesting idea, though....
    >_> *glances at the WalMart down the block*

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    Where I live, there is no winter. In December, its 70-75 degrees outside during the day. It does drop to the 40s at night though. Needless to say, I only own 1 pair of pants, and the rest shorts.
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    I'd seriously recommend it. Absolutely no way anyone could ever notice

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    I love to wear under my boad pants and it is nice when on the slopes you dont have to worry about going to the bathroom or not making it in time.

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    We dont get much snow here, so snow pants aren't really needed. But yes, i have worn a diaper underneath snow gear on holidays.

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    *looks at location*

    I live in SCV, and there is no way it would be as hot as 75 in the winter. The other day, the high was 48. And it's literally a desert here.

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