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    At 20 yo, it's about time for my wisdom teeth to come in... I have already been to the dentist and was told that my wisdom teeth had already started coming through, and even though my mouth is already too crowded, they might not have to pull them out unless they really cause me pain. Great news for me, cuz i hate even thinking about the dentist.

    Over the last week, my one wisdom tooth has been slowly pushing through, and it really does hurt a lot... not the tooth, but the gum... and then i realized... I'M TEETHING!!!

    a) that makes me chuckle, and
    b) it totally gives me an opportunity to try teething rings... which, besides being practical at this point, also seems relaxing like my binky is...

    so, honestly, i'm very excited about my tooth hurting...

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    *giggles* Just don't tell your Dr that. It's better to keep him/her thinking you just hate it so they will help you more. If you need to have them removed though, don't delay it on purpose (too long) because it will offset all of your other teeth if there isn't room.

    That being said, putting it off for a month shouldn't hurt you either.

    Have fun!

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    i don't think it's gonna do any damage.. its just is pretty uncomfortable... so i'm thinking a nice frozen teething ring and i'll be just fine!

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    That is just awesome. I remember when I had braces and went through the pain; I thought that SAME thing! It's funny how life throws a loophole to tick you off, and you counter it by making that loophole seem awesome.


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    Don't they usually come in for most people around ages 16-18..? Anyway, nice :P

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    My only suggestion is don't put it off getting them taken out if your dentist recommends. I did and 2 years ago at 33, I had one out and the root had grown all the way up right under my eye. It hurt so bad to have that root removed.

    But I think it is awesome to use teething rings or whatever teething items you can manage to get back there!

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    wisdom teeth, like anything else when it comes to developement, is individual... so while the majority may get their wisdom teeth around 16-18, there is a percentage that get them before or after that age. I just happen to be after.

    And the tooth is almost all the way through... the gum is still sore when i eat, but it's getting better.

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    I'm teething too ATM X3 luckily it's not hurting too bad right now :3 It's so weird feeling those sharp little tips of teeth starting to poke through my gum!

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    my bottom two cam in just fine. im 28 and have yet to get my top two. if they do ever decide to come in im going to be in for a world of hurt and will need some serious "drugs" due to the fact i have no room for doesnt help.i have always been scared of the dentist....most likely cause i had made some references to being touched innapropriately when i was a small child and have vague memories of a mustached and balding dentist that still to this day causes me to get sick to my stomach when ever i see a dentist who resembles that description.for some reason i was always a magnet for pedos even though from a personality standpoint i didnt fit the profile of typical topic sorry any how i dread the day when i have to go and i will dread the day if i ever have to get my wisdom teeth pulled(if the top two come in)

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