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Thread: Pictures of yourself wearing...Have you?

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    Default Pictures of yourself wearing...Have you?

    Have you of yourself wearing diapers? =O You naughty little thing, you.

    Anyway, looking for answers, not pictures.

    P.S. Sorry sorry if the poll doesn't work ><

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    Yep to show my mommy/Gf and to show a couple abdl friend. I have actually posted a pic on my guild but that was years back they are no longer any pics like that around.

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    Unfortunately when I was younger I took photos of myself wearing and emailed them to a guy over the internet. I hugely regret doing it now and just pray the images don't come back to haunt me :S

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    Butterfly Mage


    Nope. That's not ever going to happen. I actually enjoy not being blackmailed.

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    yeah I have taken quite a few...I dont send them out to random ppl i dont know, but I have a few posted on other DL sites.

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    There are pictures of me wearing various things out in the wild, not just diapers. As above, I'm very careful not to have my face or anything that'll readily identifiable me in shot.

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    Nope. Inevitably I would forget to delete or stash in the wrong place or accidentally e-mail it to somebody while enjoying a few brewskis.

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    They're on the interwebs. But most don't have my face in them. Some do, but I don't really care too much.

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    I consider uploading a few of them... To YouTube of course but as I am of course only 13. And well... I'm not exactly gonna go into details...

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